Saturday, June 18, 2011

Does God Play Dice?

Two trains of equal power,
starting from the same distance at opposite ends of 1000 mile track
are traveling towards the same destination
since it is impossible to accurately factor in a host of random events
that may interfere with the progress of each train
it is impossible to determine which train will arrive first.
thus, analytically speaking, Bohr's argument makes sense,
randomness rules
he would be perfectly correct
and the argument between science and religion would be over
Einstein, tho he could not explain why, intuitively, did not agree
and so,
because the human brain is equally devided
by analytical and intuitive spheres of influence
the existence of God remains argumentative

science cannot analytically prove that there is no God
and religion cannot intuitively insist that there is

If I may
I will attempt to shed some light on Uncle Albert's intuitive reservation
by providing an analogy

Aboard each train is a man with a mission
housed at the destination of the trains is a doomsday bomb
the mission of one man is to press the button and destroy the world
the mission of the other is to get there first and stop him

The purpose of science
if it truly wants to end the ancient argument
is not simply to examine the physical variables of atomic behavior
but its metaphysical influences as well

the fact that atoms do have conscious influence
is clearly demonstrated by the existence of a permutations of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and other trace elements - a.k.a. humans

this being so
Conscious determination has to be factored into any atomic equation

So two atomic humans are on a mission with separate purposes
and the fate of the world hangs on which train gets there first

The holistic question is:
Which force of determination has the greatest influence on random atomic behavior ?

The answer is clear
inspired determination wins most of the time

The lesson here is:
It has never been a question of whether God exists or not
God is simply an idea in human consciousness
as far as we know, no other atomic permutation has that idea

God exists only if we choose so as individuals or collectively
anybody who chooses randomness
over conscious design
is free to do so
he or she will then always remain uninspired

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