Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Inner Demon

The inner demon is present in all humans at birth
it is animal self interest, self gratification
among humans after puberty is reached
self deceit and self-justification for that deceit

The difference between saint and sinner
to put it more bluntly
between mature adult and immature child
is the ability to become aware of the hidden demon
have the courage, character and fortitude
to seek out the demon
drive its from its dark cave
and slay it

In the interest of the larger work of the saintly soul
which is the service, guidance and teaching
of all those still tormented by the inner demon
of childish taking, wants and desires
to bring them into an awareness of the brighter light of adult giving
with is the source of Divine Love
and in that way
send them off on their own quest
in search of the Holy Grail

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