Saturday, May 04, 2013

Science and the Humanities

A Basic Reminder

Ego tends to separate us from Mother Nature
our specie is still young
Nature's latest off-spring
Her finest creation yet of all the 3 billion other life forms
and  no matter how immature our self-determined arguments the contrary
we are still subject to all Her Natural Laws
She gives priceless lessons in planet management
and energy conservation

the top-most needle of a towering redwood
receives sap pumped vertically via osmosis
all forests are watered via desalinated evaporation
and dispersed via atmospheric pressures
the soil enriched by falling compost
wind and insects
busy pollinating
where ever we look we see sustainable ecology
zero pollution
zero wasted energy

we never invented human consciousness
it evolved from the same universal star dust
that all other conscious forms enjoy
our planet, Earth, is our Mother
and since all life is sustained by calories of sunlight
our star, Sol, is our Father
every other life form evolved from the same basic elements
oxygen, carbon, phosphorous, calcium, etc
and is therefore all family
we all exist on a common family estate
with equal rights from ant to man

with our large brain
comes super-natural power
with great power
comes great responsibilities
far greater than our private egotistical ambitions

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