Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bees & The Collective Consciousness

An individual bee is a marvelous creature
an amazing aviator
it enjoys vastly impressive  sharing and work ethics
it is a lethal warrior ready to sacrifice its life instantly for a larger cause
it buzzes around from one flower to the next
vibrantly conscious of its individual self
drinking nectar and collecting pollen
but ultimately
as an individual life
little more than a meaningless insect curiosity
of little purpose to the greater cosmic scheme of things

but when it lends its individual consciousness
to the collective consciousness of the hive
its tiny ego expands exponentially ten thousand fold
tho it remains an individual
it is now sharing in an infinitely greater sense of Cosmic purpose
seeing itself as a vital contributory missionary
in the on-going evolution of Consciousness
pollinating fields and jungles
and producing the sweet honey of existence

if only the majority of individual humans
realized the meaningless nature of their private appetites
 stop buzzing around selfishly
and reconnect with the collective consciousness
their individual awareness and enjoyment in life
would be magnified exponentially
and our specie's cosmic purpose would be well served

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