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The Origins of Human Consciousness

The Origins of Human consciousness

Answering the argument between Creationists and Evolutionists:

There is no issue more unsettling on the planet today than the divide over
the origins and sovereignty of man.

Who are we and whom do we serve?

Are we the result of random evolutionary event with no allegiance to anyone but ourselves? Or are we the creation of an almighty God with an eternal destiny to fulfill? Those questions are at the heart of the split between Church and State. Libraries of laws have failed to define that ethical divide and close all the loopholes. When one considers all the wars that have been fought over this subject, and what is at stake now that the instrument of Armageddon is at hand, it is astonishing that such a fundamental criteria for establishing a general harmony of thought and feelings among all men is not on the front burner of every educational, political and religious organization on the planet. Obviously serious work is being done on it, but not at anywhere near the top level of any major government – and so the battle rages on - underneath the veneer of civilized intercourse in some areas, and boiling over in others, without the faintest sign of ever finding resolution.

This issue lies at the very root of our global confusion. It begins right in
our classrooms at the fi rst grade level, and gets more confusing as we work our way up from there. The simple fact is: if we are not sure of how we got here and why we are here, we can never be sure of who we are, or of our purpose, or where we are going, if anywhere. With heaven largely factored out of the modern scientific mind, the whole world is left without any meaning to existence, other than endless consumption. The covert nature of this underlying pointlessness can be seen everywhere if one cares to look beneath the superficial nature of the way we live our lives. There is long-term aimlessness within every level of human management. In undeveloped countries the inability of governments to reassure their citizenry
of a reasonably secure tomorrow, added to the removal of the hope of God from their constitutions, borders on social and religious chaos. Not knowing the truly meaningful answers underscores a massive crisis of human identity, at both the personal and collective level.

There should be no argument with the accumulated evidence of scientific research, which points conclusively at the fact that our evolution has an atomic origin. In the meld between physics and metaphysics that this treatise is attempting to conjoin, we accept the scientifi c rationale that all three billion specie living on the planet, originated from a single algae cell, via a chemical process that took place in a brackish pool during the Pre-Cambrian Era.

The physical question that begs for an answer however is: If random event is the correct answer, then for what reason in that primeval mix, would one of those three billion mutating cellular divisions eventually emerge from the jungle of evolving life and become conscious of consciousness itself?

What practical purpose would self-consciousness serve as a survival mechanism? Why did only one of some two hundred and fifty specie of kindred primates, see itself as separate from all the rest of creation, and in that critical moment of insight, rise above the collective stream of natural consciousness, and become an independent witness to existence? Is not finding the answer to that question the most signifi cant riddle in the long chain of evolutionary events and the ultimate purpose of our big brain? Lets look more closely at the proposals that are on the table as to our origins.

Religion says; by Divine appointment. Science says; via Random chemical event. In modern times a third proposal has been placed before us: Many millions say; via Alien intelligence.

Only one of them can be right. Which one is it? We believe, by a process of elimination, that we can and should settle this argument once and for all and
stop confusing our children. Let’s see if you agree with our summation. In the dramatic opening scenes of the universally acclaimed movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey, a world-wide audience saw a group of proto-humans make that quantum leap in intelligence after being exposed to a mind-altering force emitted by a strange black obelisk that came from outer space. The ape-like brutes suddenly realized that they could use femurs as weapons and fight off territorial invasion by smashing in their neighbor’s skulls. The movie went along with the general assumption that man is basically a godless brutish killer at heart and that an alien force awoke us.

If aliens from some other solar system had a hand in initiating our human
consciousness, then what event on their home planet originated their consciousness? More aliens from yet another solar system! That line of logic leads us, aliens included, back to one of the other two answers; God – or random event.

What does science mean by random chemical event? Statistically, one can mathematically calculate a chance chemical mix in the swirl of primeval
soup, eventually combining the right amounts of proteins and amino acids
to produce a living cell that can divide and reproduce itself, and gradually
mutate into a complex animal. That act of creation might give us the
random answer that science alludes to – but it does not explain how the
abstraction of consciousness becomes part of the formula. That scenario
only makes sense if we confine our reasoning to a mechanical process of
cell division and mutation.

By definition, consciousness is a state of awareness. Such cognizance includes
compassion, love, aggression, hate, empathy, a sense of social ethics, and all the other charismatic forces that have had a direct influence on the evolution of our physical development. If we go along with the scientific hypothesis, then the emergence of consciousness in the chemical mix would have to be explained as some kind of fortuitous essence that manifested mysteriously out of thin air. Mix protein with acid, and hey, Presto! You get consciousness! This is of course nonsense. Nothing – certainly a force as significant as consciousness - can simply be pulled out of a vacuum like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat. The simple fact is that an automatic organic process, based purely on a chance chemical encounter, can, at best, only produce an eventual, unconscious, spiritless, Zombie.

The basic reality has to be: if our original ancestral cell mutated to eventually
produce a super consciousness, then the basic essence of that consciousness would have had to have been present in the nucleus of the atomic building blocks that initiated organic life in the first place.

If consciousness then, is an essential charismatic attribute of atomic magnetism,
the individual atoms that were attracted to each other to form our first cell, had to have some degree of awareness of the advantages that came from association. Combination would increase their charisma and attract others of a like nature. The accumulated contribution of each individual atomic consciousness, in association with billions of other conscious atoms, would eventually form a collective cellular consciousness.

Life could then begin its evolutionary journey of cell division, in a conscious
cooperative effort to extend its basic state of awareness, via a process of environmental adaptation and mutation.

In this metaphysical hypothesis, the origin of organic life would be based on the purposeful intent of consciousness, developing increased intelligence by way of collective cooperation, with the evolution of form as the vehicle through which the goal of arriving at higher states of consciousness may be accomplished. As we are now talking about a conscious act of creation, with form as the by-product, Dr. Frankenstein’s untenable reverse rationale, has (together with Aliens) to be ruled out of the atomic equation. Which leaves us with mankind’s ancient Belief in Divine Creation.

According to this hypothesis, God has to be Consciousness itself. And His seeming intention is to increase His own self-awareness, through the organic evolutionary process of His own creation! Either that, or, as the Upanishads describe it, Creation is the Cosmic Dance of a fully matured God who is simply amusing Himself.

If consciousness resides as an attribute inside the atom, and God is this
Consciousness, then God resides in everything and everything in the atomic
universe is God Conscious. The fact that mankind has emerged as the supreme consciousness in the organic evolutionary process, it must mean that we are a maturing expression of God, gradually learning to become increasingly aware of the cosmic nature of our Divinity.

The next question then is: Is God good or evil?

Although we see elements of cruel deformities here and there in creation, – harmony and order of form, and beauty in expression are the general rule – which allows us to defi ne the essential nature of God as (Good), or Divinely creative, and not sadistically destructive, or satanic.

We see the creative/destructive nature of God in the cosmic process of stellar ignition. As each Star consumes its own atomic mass, the collective consciousness of each sun illuminates the blackness of space and brings light to the beauty of creation. Rays of starlight transfer conscious energy and sustenance to planetary life. Out of God’s stellar death, then, comes organic Creation. And creation is imbued with the Grace of Divine Consciousness and through this act of creation, God is eternally reborn. The net conclusion has to be, that we, and everything else in the Cosmos are expressions of God’s Good Consciousness.

Now that we have dismissed - sketchily admittedly, but convincingly enough for the moment - the claims of millions of science-fi ction buffs, as well as the robot model of the world-wide scientifi c community, we can see that Old Testament religious fundamentalists, who never allowed the sophistication of scientific argument to delude them, and who have clung stubbornly to the literal truth of the Book of Genesis, have been right about the Divine origins of creation all along. (They, of course, will also fi nd it blasphemous to suggest that not only is God within us, but we are also within Him.)

Where does that put us?

For starters it forces us to be intellectually aware that mankind is the expression
of a universal consciousness. All the elements: gases, liquids and solids, are atomically conscious - and when in association, they are collectively conscious. We do not know if an inanimate rock is aware of being a rock, or if a tree knows that it is a tree, if a teacup knows that it is a teacup – but we need to accept that atomic consciousness is a universally shared, empathetic state of being; that everything is aware of participating as a charismatic aspect of the vitality, beauty and harmony of a Divine existence.

Though we can no longer intuitively sense the truth of the above as well as our early animistic ancestors did, we have to learn to accept that we live in an atomically conscious universe. The alternative can only lead to chaos.

In this new metaphysical hypothesis we have determined: That God consciousness
initiated creation: That God exists as a universal state of omniscient consciousness: That His nature is Good: That He resides within us: That we reside in Him: That we are, in fact, an expression of the Godhead, along with everything else: That we have been uniquely selected to be a witness to Creation.

The net result of all this is that we are now dealing with a supernatural atomic organism, endowed with a Divine ego, emerging out of the jungle of life as a deliberate act of creation, about two and a half million years ago - and, as the only chosen son of God among the billions of other conscious organisms - also the sole master of our planet.

What does this chosen son do with his still-developing Divine powers? He murders Abel and defi les God’s creation. He slashes, burns and chops down most of the world’s jungles, pollutes the air, land, and seas; accumulates a pile of stinking garbage, which, if it was all in one pile, would rival the Himalayas, and goes on, and on with clan vendetta, national wars, religious wars, and World Wars; to kill, ransom, torture, impale, incinerate, disembowel and hack to death, tens of millions more of his brothers and sisters. He currently sits atop an insane pile of nuclear weapons, denying the very existence of his own Father, while threatening to blow up all of creation.

How does the gentle, loving and creative side of God, and His destructive vindictive side add up? In terms of the negative and positive forces of Cosmic dynamics -
infinitely, as we shall see. But fi rst, let us take a step further into the Twilight Zone, and see if we can stretch the imagination of particle physicists to include the following metaphysical potentials within the nuclear equation, before we return to the grindstone of empirical determination.

The organic cells of this man/god are genetically imprinted with a billion different forms of evolutionary graduations. This imprint includes the primordial behavioral experiences that accompanied each change of form. The claim in Psyche-Genetics is: Not only can those past memories be retrieved in this super being, but the infi nite complexity of his highly evolved psyche also has the capability to transform his physical body back into any one of those billions of different life forms. He is capable, when his psyche is properly focused, of re-experiencing himself as anything and everything that has ever been created. He can make himself as invisible as a cloud of hydrogen atoms, and then rearrange his atoms to appear as a dolphin knifi ng through a wave. He can appear as a hawk or a wolf or a bat. He can defy gravity and levitate. He can translocate his body through space instantaneously to any part of the cosmos. He can fl y like Superman. He can appear and disappear in several places simultaneously. He has the eventual potential to do anything that God can do. There are mystics and shamans, living now and in the past, who claim to have already evoked these paranormal transformational powers. There are claims of youthful looking
men alive today, who were born a thousand years ago.

The question that needs to be raised here, is not whether scientists should
automatically believe that humans can change themselves into werewolves and vampires, or whether the Bible was wrong about the age of Methuselah, or whether they should believe that man is God, but rather, why they do not put forward a full effort to find out why they should not believe?

Transformational magic is not manufactured out of a vacuum. The genetic information is there – indelibly imprinted in our cells. Particle physicists see similar inexplicable charismatic atomic behavior in quantum mechanics. Why does the scientist think that the behavior of the atom he is observing in a particle accelerator is not also endowed with the same attributes of consciousness that he receives from his own atoms? Why does science automatically think that our genetic make-up cannot be manipulated? Why scoff at such claims and dismiss witnesses to them as superstitious delusions – without putting them to the test? Who, indeed, is being deluded?

Is it not about time that scientists begin to see if they can themselves evoke these paranormal powers, by investing some time in practicing the same metaphysical drills and exercises that mystics do? Would not such an investigation into the atomic laboratory of one’s own psyche, in search of Truth, be worth the effort, instead of simply dismissing out of hand its metaphysical potentials, and the millions of man hours already invested in this research by mystics?

Enough of that for the moment; let’s return to the plodding mechanics of empirical analysis, and discuss the dichotomy of God the Creator/Destroyer in terms that the scientifi c mood of today is more comfortable with. The brutish scenes portrayed in 2001, and in a thousand other scenarios, have succeeded in perpetuating generally accepted characterizations regarding the loutish origins of human consciousness and the godless nature of our basic social behavior.

The fact that mankind engages in murder, assassination, war, mass genocide and territorial invasions - and has done so throughout the blood soaked pages of our recorded history - supports the general belief that we have survived primarily by invading each other’s territories with murderous genocidal impulse.

The cynical over-view; that mankind is basically incapable of pacific relationships
without heavy policing is one of the underlying factors that continues to fuel the artifi cially manufactured social and spiritual ideologies that are imposed on human societies today. This untrusting perception of basic human nature is entirely untrue and grossly misleading. Nothing, as we have stated above, could be further off the mark.

From a purely ethnological point of view, the fundamental behavior of all specie, including early Man, is based on the same survival principles that the rest of Nature operates from. Respect for territorial boundaries is a logical survival imperative. Invasion of personal and group space is carefully avoided. Genocide, except in crowded laboratory cages is almost entirely unnatural. Over-crowding in nature is more likely to result in mass suicide. (Lemmings for example. And perhaps whales do so for the same reasons when entire pods beach.)

If we are ever to understand ourselves as a Divinely appointed specie, born of the same parents, and to varying degrees of development, all on precisely the same evolutionary path towards a hopeful destination, then cynical views concerning the origins and evolution of human consciousness, need serious correction.

Our kind would never have survived this long and proliferated our numbers during the first two million years of Stone Age development, if we had begun our colonization of each continent, by fighting tooth and nail over every square inch of territory. Mankind, like the other primates, is essentially timid and peaceful by nature.

All specie prey on other organic forms for existence. That’s how the food chain works. But generally speaking, specie will not prey on their own kind. If that were so, offensive and defensive capabilities would cancel each other out, and Nature would be faced with the conundrum of mutual destruction. (We were confronted with that grim reality during the stalemate of the Cold War )

If territorial occupations were not respected by neighboring families of the same species, Nature would be a chaotic battleground of unending family and extended family confl icts. No specie could have survived the carnage. Territorial integrity is therefore a cornerstone of Natural Law. Specie mark their territorial boundaries in distinctive ways and survive primarily because that boundary is instinctively respected by their own kind. In this sense, good neighborliness is a common survival imperative that all organic creatures conform to. Though there is always plenty of jockeying for space and competition among males for mating rights, among most specie,
internal battles for supremacy rarely end in death. Peaceful coexistence is generally the order.

When man first came out of the jungle two and a half million years ago, he did not use his supernatural intelligence then and there to suddenly pick up a thigh bone and bash in his brother’s skull. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, after their awakening, in peace and harmony with God and His creation. There were 99,000 generations laying the foundation of family values, upon which the entire future of the species would depend, before human warfare created a new social and spiritual dynamic.

The underlying realities regarding our aggressive behavior are that increasing border confl icts; which lead gradually into invasion of territories, confiscation of live-stock, ransom of prisoners, vendetta and eventually, outright war, were an artifi cial reaction to population pressures. Those artificial pressures fi rst surfaced in the late Bronze Age , nearly two and a half million years after MAN fi rst became consciously human.

With plenty of space available for expansion during the fi rst 99,000 generations of our evolution, there was no pressure in the Stone Age Eden for us to invade territories and slaughter one another.

Research among the San Bushmen of the Kalahari has provided some crucial information regarding non-aggression among Stone Age cultures. The facts show that they observe an ethical response to the invisible force that guard’s territorial integrity . (The chapter on Animism provides a fi rst-hand account of those fi ndings and impressions regarding the primitive superstitions that monitor the basic godliness of human nature.)

We have no clear idea of exactly what date “human-ness” (self-awareness) registered on our consciousness and we probably never will. But what might be possible is to explore a possible scenario that might retrieve from our sub-conscious the conditions that might have initiated that first moment of realization – the one that separated us forever from our ape ancestry and made us human. (This scenario will be laid out in the next chapter) Biologically, we know that mankind is one of some two hundred and fi fty primate specie and that we share 99% of our DNA with half a dozen other tail-less apes. We also know that all human DNA traces directly back to
the San Bushmen.

We know from fossil evidence that the posture, cranial capacity and the foraging behavior of our fi rst hominid ancestors, began to digress from that of our cousins as long as fi ve million years ago.

We know that over those fi ve million years, as our use of stone tools, weapons and the vocalizations needed to coordinate group action, became correspondingly more sophisticated, our brain size increased proportionately. Equipped with this large brain we were able to exploit regional environments far more effectively than other primates. Our numbers increased,forcing us to gradually colonize all the continents.

Though plenty of archeological evidence exists that gives us an indication of our early life, we have no objective method of determining exactly when, during that ancient evolutionary march of our very fi rst ancestors, our intelligence changed so dramatically that our consciousness became supernatural. Up until that magical moment, to all intents and purposes, we were simply more effective primates. So, what factor then, beyond physiological differences and our advances in hunting and gathering capabilities, made us rise so spectacularly above other primates and be classified as human?

If we reduce the Cartesian dictum : “I think therefore I am” to something more practical than an abstract rational regarding the reality of existence, and apply it as a primary distinction between the consciousness of man and that of the rest of Nature – then what caused the fi rst hominid to think and thereby become human? And what, indeed, was that fi rst thought?

In order to defi ne our humanity properly, we need to know exactly why and how we began to think. That missing link in our basic self-knowledge may well profoundly affect and improve the manner in which we behave towards each other and to Nature Herself.

Without hard evidence, no scientist (bound by empirical rule) will ever be able to defi ne or qualify for us that moment of profound change. Science cannot pinpoint First Cause and tell us exactly what happened and how that initial realization transformed the hominid psyche. Metaphysical insight has to be applied in this area of research if the answer is to be found at all. When we consider the over-all psychological importance of what we are trying to clarify here, it is vital that we allow our psychics to include their metaphysical skills to more holistically investigate this awesome moment of human awakening.

If we are human because we think, the signifi cant questions that we need to ask are: What possible circumstance made the fi rst human think? Can we determine that thought? If so, what characteristic within that thought elevated our consciousness above the hominid state and made us human? And, infi nitely more profoundly: Why did one of Nature’s creatures rise above a basic survival mode and even think at all? It is sobering to realize that the science of psychology has been built without knowing the answer to any one of these questions – the very foundations of self-knowledge, of
who we are and why we exist.

By any criteria, mankind’s fi rst infant self-realization, no matter how dimly it might have registered in the great scheme of things, had to be a profound Cosmic Event – easily the most consequential evolutionary episode to ever happen on our planet. (And for all we know, in the Universe as well.) And so, in this strange intellectual vacuum, as our paleontologists chip the encrustment off mute fossil skulls and our anthropologists wonder about long-lost prehistoric truths, we continue to live today with the science fiction of an alien intelligence initiating our human intelligence and the ignoble caricature of a brutish, skull-crushing ancestry.

As a net result, a confusion of identity, both individually and collectively, reigns over the planet. Social and spiritual arguments among families, nations, races and religions, rage in every culture without abatement and with ever-increasing acrimony. Since the Jewish holocaust in WWII , at least a dozen more episodes of mass genocide have taken place. This does not include the tens of millions killed by Stalin and Mao over nothing more than ideological differences. The sheer amount of wars, military coups, clan feuds, and family divorces that are taking place as we speak, in terms of shattered lives and embittered humanity, are crippling our collective effort.

As population pressures increase exponentially in the coming decades, so too, will mass dysfunction keep doubling and redoubling. If we don’t put an end to the distortion, the chances of us ever arriving at an ultimate state of self-awareness might never happen, and the Ages of evolution of our consciousness would all have been for naught. The only way of coming to grips with it, is to get at the very the core of the problem and determine exactly when and how we went awry in our early development. We cannot continue to accept that vital pieces of early information, responsible for forming our basic nature, and which may help us to defi ne and analyze our modern identity, can never be retrieved or determined.

Is our First Inspired Thought lost to us forever? Or is there a way to recover it and see how and why it changed us? And can we then move forward step by step and see exactly what Cause initiated the fi rst trespass and get to know why and how our trespass escalated into a potential global confrontation?

In a sense, we are asking what is the underlying meaning of the parable of Adam and Eve eating the apple? We are asking questions here that go beyond human consciousness leaving the innocence of Eden and transcending the Laws of Nature. We need to know the exact nature of the argument that made Cain kill Able. What was the Cause that led to brother, murdering brother, and branding us with the scars of war ever afterwards? What made every human culture capable of genocidal mania? Can that ancient mystery of First Cause ever be unraveled?

According to the Psyche-Genetic Theory : Each and every atomic association, and resultant behavioral modifi cations, since the Big Bang, has been indelibly imprinted and stored in the memory banks of the atomic nucleus of every psyche.

Therefore, no act, no thought, throughout the whole course of the evolution of consciousness is ever lost. If this is true then the trick is; how do we access this ancient bank of atomic experiential information and bring it back from the sub-conscious for analysis and interpretation?

It can be done, but only if we agree to accept the following investigative criteria:

First, without tangible evidence (like a fossil bone) to work with, we have to realize that the retrieval of the original thought has to be a melding of physical evidence and intuitive insight – and is therefore essentially subjective.

Secondly, if an intuitive revelation is true for one – the substance of that revelation must be more or less true for all – for we are all the subjects o the same original experience.

Thirdly, the criteria for interpretation of any scenario that illustrates the probable cause of the First Thought , though subjectively impressionistic, must never the less, resonate among us all, as a common recollection.

Fourthly, each one of us is capable of making the retrieval – for we all house the same information. This allows us to probe our subconscious, and validate, embellish, or even replace any retrieval of the collective memory with one that may resonate among all of us more soundly.

There is no need to argue over the merits of any conclusions as to First Cause and First Thought presented in this work - as long as the sincerity of presentation and conscientiousness of effort to retrieve it, rings true enough to stimulate further investigation and a greater degree of validation.

Ultimately it is only the impressions of the individual Self that matter.

There is no larger human authority, than the self. The opinions of others; of kings and presidents, of scribes and wise men, of congresses and congregations, and professors of science, are only temporary expediencies that have helped us to individually arrive at a modem of self understanding.

In the end it is only the concord of the Self, believing in the integrity of the Self, that will determine the fate of our kind. So, what we need to know now, is a methodology that can guide us inward to the Truth of the Self and fi nd the two and a half million year-old answer to our First Thought . With this said, the Psyche-Genetic method of self-enlightenment invites you to regard yourself as a twin personality.

You are both a trained physicist and an inherent metaphysician – with access to a fi nite complex of analytical discernment’s and infi nite intuitive insights.

One part of you is ancient and ego -less - the conservative guardian of all atomic experience, including the entire range of ethical constructs that have come from three and a half billion years of organic experience. This infi nite well of spiritual wisdom is your sub-conscious. This selfl ess, intuitive twin impinges on the analytical twin during moments of need - through hunches, intuitions, insights, dreams, and visions. It expresses itself outwardly in artistic impressions and ideation. The Door to all its spiritual treasures can be accessed through metaphysical drills and exercises that excite the intuitive responses of the right brain.

The other twin, the conscious part of you, is newly born, impetuous, egotistical, clever, and is in the adventurous process of adding more experiences to the data bank of the ancient self. This selfi sh twin has the key (if it can be convinced to broaden the analytical criteria of the left brain to accept the possibility of meta-normal potential), to open the door between the two brains.

The Key itself is hidden and its hiding place is only found when the selfi sh twin wanders off the beaten path of material knowledge, fi nds himself lost and realizes that he must begin searching for it. (The ancient Sufi parable of Aladdin fi nding the lamp in the sand of the desert, and accidentally releasing the genie within, symbolizes the magical discovery of the hidden self. Or the Zen parable: When the pupil is ready, the Master appears.)

The goal is to take hold of the key and open the door to the inner self so that the twin souls can communicate more clearly with each other. Only when this communication is trustingly established, can the dual self relate subjective insights to the practical dictates of daily life and more holistically understand the position he is in, and thereby accurately predict the course of future possibilities.

The paradox is that though more than 80% of us secretly believe in the existence of this invisible force of Cosmic Intelligence (Dark Matter ? God?), our heavily indoctrinated analytical self, refuses to let us fully acknowledge the validity of our intuitions and take the necessary steps to investigate our infi nite potential.
Only a few psychics, after extreme effort are able to communicate with both sides of the psyche regularly.

The practical application of the Psyche-Genetic Theory, which will be explained more clearly as we go along, is concerned with the development of dual brain exercises and drills, designed to put the ancient sub-conscious mind and the young consciousness mind (the right and left brain ) in regular and direct communication.
As you read on through this work you will be shown how and why you should engage yourself in these practices, and how valuable they are, for access to vital information about yourself, allowing you a vastly more holistic base for self-analysis, self discovery , awareness and creative expression.

This holistic over-view of the dual Self, once activated, gradually reveals every event from the Past and every event that will take place in the Future as a single continuum impregnating the Present.

One becomes aware that the Present is real, only because the Past and Future exist in the same moment. The Past and the Future become existential aspects of everyday life. Instead of acting impulsively like a child, one becomes more cautious of
the ripple affect of each action as its consequences redefi ne the past and restructure the future.

In this way the Present becomes charged with a greater sense of dynamism. One feels more purposeful and more meaningful living in it. One will fi nd their relationships, not just with other humans, but with all atomic radiation , become more dynamic as well.

Everything is seen as a stream of electromagnetic consciousness radiating through the relativity of time and space with different fl avors of expression. The larger purpose of the Theory, is to suggest: that if this practice is done universally, by introducing right brain exercises to augment our current educational curriculum , it will lead, within a generation, to a more harmonious world order. We will all be endowed with a greater sense of reverence for the Past and a deeper awareness of the Future.

What has to be appreciated from the start, is that when the right brain is first stimulated and prodded for residual answers, the process of intuitive impressions and feelings begin to stream out and they come all at once. Whole clumps of clairsentient impressions, some visual, some auditory; accompanied by illuminated thoughts and insights that can appear to be surreal, and consequently diffi cult to quantify and structure for left brain analysis.

People who have ingested hallucinogenic drugs have some confused experience of breaking through the chemical code and accessing the infinite realm of the sub-conscious – and end up having great diffi culty relating these meta-normal experiences to left brain modes of understanding.

Something is always lost in the interpretation between the different sides of the brain. The translation can never be entirely pure even among the most experienced adepts, for it is contaminated and colored by moods and the inevitable ethnic influences and educational limitations that the external part of every psyche is subject to.

It is this difficulty of translation that makes us initially dismiss and suppress the images and hunches of right brain intrusions, unless we are consciously trying to evoke them.

Just as it takes years of disciplined schooling to train the left brain to experience
reality as an analytical construct, so too, does it take years of effort to develop the right brain to a point where easy access, and reasonably familiar modes of interpretation between intuitive impressions, and analytical reconstruction become possible.

The chapter that follows describes the retrieval of a prehistoric memory that surfaced in the author’s consciousness during a transcendental moment of revelation. It is offered up as a subjective explanation of First Cause – of how our human ego fi rst came into being. Judge for yourself and see if it resonates within you as an ancient memory of your own.

The chapter after that offers a subjective explanation as to why the ego had to manifest, and what essential value ego has brought to the development of our super consciousness.


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