Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The San Andreas Fault - Possible Solution?

The southern section of the San Andreas fault
has a history of an earthquake every 200 years
The last one was 300 years ago
Unlike the northern end.the southern end has had no smaller movements to release the pressure
It is now 100 years overdue for a major quake
It can happen at any moment
and the fault lines up directly with L.A.
The expected lateral shift is 25 feet
no high-rise can take a movement of that magnitude
that is beyond anything imagined
if the quake goes on long enough
the L.A. Basin may well liquefy

The quake is certain yet nothing is being done
Eleven million people face certain disaster


If a comet was bearing down on L.A.
and expected to impact dead-on target within a year or two
surely we would be planing on some form of interception?

Why are we not doing that with the San Andreas?

A couple of deep-underground H Bombs placed on the fault line on each plate
Evacuate the city
trigger the fault
fix up the damage
no lives lost.

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chib said...

I like your idea and concern!
But is it feasible?