Monday, December 13, 2010

Globalization. Adapting to Mass Change

Governments through each of our Ages of development
were created by the exigencies of the economic climate of the Time
and instituted by the will of the collective national family

During each New Age
as expanding population pressures keep impacting
and natural resources keep dwindling
mass adjustments to changing economic conditions
forced us to institute incrementally complex forms of mass management

It is clear to many that the current economic climate
is under-going massive changes
due to the same old population vs environmental evolutionary imperatives

all of us
rich and poor alike
are caught in the same boat
and have to adapt to a New and more responsible Age of planet management

it is up to each parent to recognize the need to reorient their children's future
realize that nation building and corporate exploitation has had its field day
and institute a new global order that best addresses our collective future

right now each of us needs to seriously think things out for ourselves
and put forward original proposals on how to do that

what worries me
is that our collective problem is a chicken and egg situation

All current parents have been indoctrinated from birth
to obey prescribed orders
we bow before the interpretations of professional teachers
we have forgotten how to think and move independently
without an order from a "higher up" to do so

In this indoctrinated manner
the mass surrenders its collective will
to the few similarly indoctrinated few
who graduate enough to be able to decide to control it
and reap the bulk of its rewards privately
but not adult enough to accept any blame
and not educated to be original enough
to see ahead and devise new methods to deal with mass change

until and unless some really huge global catastrophe over-takes us
and shakes us out of the artificially indoctrinated mode of childish obedience
that we have been educated into for the past five generations
the whole mass of humanity will continue marching like lemmings
to a dying Age's drum beat
and flounder in the chaos of our own destruction

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