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Initial Legal Hurdle


Nevada State Education Law

Parents who decide to home school their children may only do so if they agree to the following:State education regulations.

180 days per year of compulsory text-book instruction .

Instruction must be via State prescribed textbook syllabus from kindergarten onwards

Students must take State-supervised examinations

Home school parents must register monthly reports on academic progress and allow State officials spot inspections in the home in order to ascertain that State education regulations are obeyed

Law Suit

Global Stewardship Foundation vs the United States of America

The Global Stewardship Foundation, a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Nevada in 1994, sponsor of the HeartStart Home School Dual Brain Education Program respectfully argues that State regulations on compulsory school attendance, including the teaching restrictions placed on parents who wish to home school their children are unconstitutional.

Our Foundation is deeply concerned with the legal, moral and psychological implications when State Education Laws prematurely and artificially interfere with and influence infant/child emotional and mental development

We are equally concerned that these Laws also prematurely and adversely affect healthy parent/child relationships.

Beyond the disruptive effect of interrupting the essential process of family bonding prior to puberty, the attendant artificiality of State-mandated compulsory exposure to prescribed textbook instruction, prematurely influencing the infant/child psyche, for as much as six to eight hours a day, long before the child has developed the intellectual ability to distinguish the difference between systematic mental indoctrination and conscious choice, strips away from the Child of the State its basic human right of independent self-determination.

It is our Foundation's contention that daily compulsory textbook-based instruction, when it is prematurely imposed on the child psyche for a decade or more, especially when made to sit immobile behind a desk for six hours per day for twelve years inside crowded classrooms during crucial years of athletic development, is not only unnatural in the extreme, resulting in a host of adult ailments later in life, but also inhibits the natural imaginative expression of the child's potential creative genius.

We appreciate that there was no premeditated decision by the State to deliberately damage basic family values for its own economic advantage. We seek educational change not compensation.

It is our contention that for optimum emotional and intellectual development, the child psyche requires an initial seven year period of natural right brain intuitive experience, followed by another seven year period of natural analytical experience before both sides of the brain are mature enough to evaluate for itself the educational content of prescribed text books. It is our experience that this late exposure to literacy in no way interferes with intellectual development.

We realize that the current politically mandated education regulations are historically based on a national schooling concept designed and influenced five generations ago by the economic climate of that time, when the industrial revolution shifted employment opportunity from the farm and family workshop to the corporate mass production line. For the first time in the evolution and development of human family values, paternal (and later maternal) influence was artificially removed from the home environment for most of the daylight hours, with the children incarcerated inside classrooms under State control.

At that time there was no precedent regarding the long term emotional and intellectual limitations of a prescribed compulsory mass education system that broke up the family unit in order to focus on producing a literate work force with a basic grasp of science and technology.

There was no way then of evaluating not only on the psychological effect on the individual child psyche, but also on the collective psyche of the nation as a whole.

The State, which five generations ago was only too happy to officially sign dads off from their parental responsibilities and assign them to duties on the mass production line, or be considered dead beats - now sues those same dads, who busted their butts on the line for over a hundred years building up the industrial strength of the nation for now showing "unnatural" indifference towards their offspring.

It is our Foundation's opinion that the continuation of the current antiquated politically-instituted and State-controlled child education system which, after five generations of implementation, is now so deeply self-indoctrinated by its own set policy, to effectively decide on how to best administer the education of the nation's children.
Times have changed. The industrial revolution is long over.
The nation is built. Globalization is the new economic and social imperative. A new educational philosophy has to be instituted that can meet with these globally-expanded demands

It is agreed that a common set of educational standards, with literacy, mathematics and science as an essential aspect of the teaching curriculum needs to be maintained.

For the reasons stated above it is our Foundation's contention that it is only the guardian parent and not the State who has the natural right to freely design the educational syllabus which will determine developmental progress and future state of the child's adult psyche.

We contend that the legislation of State-controlled child education regulations was morally corrupt and unconstitutional from the start and were only tacitly agreed to by the parents of the country due the economic expediencies of that era of nation-building.


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