Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tucson Massacre

All manner of questions are arising over the recent assassination of a politician in Arizona
officials from both parties are blaming incendiary political rhetoric

the real answer may well lie in the old adage
[i]A little knowledge is a dangerous thing [/i]

the shooter in this incident
who has registered himself as an Independent
charges that the government is brain-washing the nation via the miss-use of grammar

the underlying pathology of conspiracy theories
is that the government and power in general exploits the public unethically

Modern education pays little attention to systematic evocation of spiritual ethics
this is left to the church
where attendance is poor
paradoxically because spirituality is more or less scorned by academics

the general understanding in academia
is that sound social behavior
is simply a matter of rational comprehension
and that policed punishment is sufficient deterrent for trespass
this civic attitude does not take into account
self-righteousness and the vigilante attitude it can engender

it is clear that the assassin in this instant
remained unconscious of the antithetical nature of his solution
the same sense of personal righteousness in dealing out justuce
was present with
the unibomber
the Oklahoma bomber
the anthrax postings
etc etc
going back to Guy Fawks's bombing of the English Parliament

knowledge excites the insecure ego seeking public self-accreditation
and can easily be misapplied
if no spiritually applied ethical training is included
the result is superficial academic rationalizations regarding human behavior
with no deeper sense of understanding and compassion
for our general state of spiritual apathy
so although the assassin's personal sense of outrage has a civic basis for serious action
and public attention is now fully focused on his egotistical needs
until we all recognize the death of our soul
all we can look forward to
is more of the same

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