Friday, January 07, 2011

Birth Consciousness/Alien Abductions

The medical profession pays little or no attention to the possible traumatic effects its procedures might have on infant consciousness during hospital deliveries. Its is assumed by all concerned that: Infants are born mindless. Therefore at the moment of birth the five senses register no meaningful input. Consequently, since science believes that consciousness is a by-product of life and only arises gradually, via circumstantial development and later teaching instruction. it matters not where or how or what environment is present when a child is brought into the world.

What is if this assumption is totally wrong? First of all senselessness does not make sense in Nature. For instance, within minutes of birth foals, fawns, kids and lambs are up and running It is a survival imperative that they are born with all their senses immediately on hyper alert. Why should humans be born virtually unconscious? Is it possible that every single incident of the birth moment might be indelibly imprinted on the infant psyche?

Until recently there has been no objective method of measuring the degree of consciousness that might be registered at a birth. But since middle of the 20th Century, as hospital assisted births in the developed nations have become increasingly the custom, a significantly disturbing abnormality has emerged.

Unlikely as it sounds at first, this concerns the huge increase of people reporting on alien abductions. The majority of those people claiming to have been abducted by aliens, basically describe finding themselves lying on an operating table, staring up at a bright light, with shadowy back-lit masked heads staring down impersonally at them; while examining; poking; prodding and pricking them painfully

Sound familiar?

Since the first cases where reported in the 1940's - when hospital births started to become more popular - the increasing numbers of reports of alien abductions have become staggering. The internet references hundreds of thousands. 10,000 cases are reported annually. Nobody knows how many cases remain unreported by individuals too embarrassed to expose themselves to public ridicule to say anything about their experience. The sheer amount of numbers, which continue to increase yearly, are far too many for this almost exclusively western societal phenomenon to continue to simply be dismissed as a laughable pathology of insecure psyches desperately seeking attention.

Do these tens of thousands of reports present enough circumstantial evidence for us to regard them as possible true-to-life accounts of actual birthing experiences, indelibly imprinted on consciousness during hospital deliveries? More disturbing is the very real possibility that all of us who have experienced hospital deliveries may well be unconscious victims of a latent traumatic pathology that could surface at any moment and add our names to the bizarre reports on alien abduction.

What makes this experience seem so real and immediate to those in which the pathology surfaces in consciousness, is the dislocation of time and place, in a false analysis trying to rationalize it to themselves and explain it to others.

What most of us do not know, is the basic fact that the relative nature of time does not register on infant consciousness. Therefore adults who, for no apparent reason suddenly find themselves re-experiencing - what is in reality the past birth moment that took place in a hospital - believe it is a reality happening in present time as adults. And with UFO's as a widely reported phenomenon since the 1940's- can only rationalize the psychological trauma of finding themselves helpless on an operating table, as an unfriendly abduction.

For each of them this is a deeply disturbing life-changing event – made event more so by the outright disbelief of not just the public at large, but also of those nearest and dearest to them. Thus each bizarre report affects entire families – adding to the general trend of modern cynicism regarding human truthfulness in general.

The explanation supplied here is a more rational way of explaining this latent pathology. If generally accepted it would bring a modicum of comfort to victims and their families. Most importantly it would seat a general realization that every fetus is born fully consciously sense-alert and thus put an end to all hospital births unless they are medical emergencies.

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