Friday, February 04, 2011

Time Consciousness

[Time Consciousness

Conscious evaluation is related to the relative measurements of Time and Space
the finer the measurement
the more defined consciousness becomes

The basic organic mind is conscious of 3 billion years of past experience
which is applied to present circumstances
in the struggle for survival
the future exists instinctively - not consciously

food and sex are searched for
immediately hunger is sated
enjoyment is expressed
Time is stopped
there is no conscious relationship or concern with the Future

awareness and preparation of future need
eventually leading to self-awareness
defines the state and growth of human consciousness

the present and future are the results of past event
thus the more clearly past experience is recalled to consciousness
the more certain the needs of the present are met
and the more probable preparations for the future
can be accommodated

seeing clearly ahead
is the essence of wisdom
for the SEER has a comprehensive grasp of Time and Space
and is conscious of being in the right place at the right time
doing the right thing

the desire for the security of wisdom
is the driving force of conscious evolution
accumulated experience
distilled via increasingly accurate design
is the timeless nectar of the Gods
when all is complete
precisely as designed
the next cosmic cycle begins

so how in this earthly cycle of conscious evolution
did an ape consciousness
some eight million years ago
at the pinnacle of 3 billion years of organic survival experience
make a quantum leap
and become conscious of the needs of the future
and prepare him/herself for it?
what is the missing link?
what was the actual survival mechanism that triggered it?

see The Missing Link

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