Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Spirit of Consciousness

Spirit is Consciousness
Consciousness is self awareness

Consciousness is not possible
or definable
without the dynamic of opposing forces
or able to evolve to higher states of self awareness
without the fertility of masculine and feminine principles

Knowledge increases self awareness
Knowledge evolves via the increasingly complex material experiences of Consciousness
that have taken place over the past 20 billion years

All matter has the characteristics of consciousness
every atom is imbued with the essence of consciousness
the more complex the association of atoms is
the higher its order of consciousness is

a stone is conscious
but of so low an order of conscious awareness
it cannot express itself creatively

Mankind is the most complex order of consciousness on this planet
our endless creativity is testimony to that
the gradual accumulation of knowledge and information via survival imperatives
enhances the evolution of consciousness
towards higher and more profound states of self awareness

Wisdom is the harvest of Creation

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Anonymous said...

That's beautiful... an elegant thought. And "Wisdom is the harvest of Creation".. Excellent. I will quote that. Thank you.