Sunday, March 20, 2011


The lotus and the rose
symbolize the two sides of the argument I presented as a thesis in Psyche-Genetics
in that treatise I show that orderly social advancement is impossible
without a corresponding evolution in spiritual guidance
that human consciousness is, in its essence, an invisible soul
which is witness to the actions of his material body

The central dichotomy in modern social actions
remains the invisible relationship between Man and God
the ancestral idea of man-made gods living in the clouds throwing thunderbolts
and giving private birth to selected demi-gods on earth
not longer resonates with advances in human intellect
science gradually debunked all of those scriptures one step at a time
which leaves modern man now without spiritual guidance
we are left alone in charge of a Universe
living on the edge of a galaxy we barely know
trying to manage a planet that is throwing deadly thunderbolts at us

science says we are here by accident
due to random effect
Einstein argued not
and i agree with him
God enjoys a gamble with the best of us
but he is too much of a professional architect to gamble with the Farm

Let us take the recent action of the sunami in Japan as an example
Japan is a fishing nation refusing to bow to a general sense of unease
that it is wrong (unholy) to hunt whales and dolphins
so the sea smashed japans main fishing centers
and turned our own technology against us

how can anybody dare say they know the answer either way?

In my personal narrative
I show that I was also a modern prodigal atheist who scorned God
was then touched by His Atomic Presence
radiating consciousness in every grain of sand
and am now returned to Steward His Atomic Estate
in a new Nuclear Age

The lotus is God - pure, faintly scented, and serene just as Mother Nature birthed it
The rose is Man - a magnificent artificially altered blossom, prickly, satiny and loaded with heavenly scent

Psyche-genetics is a celebration of an Atomic God
and his supreme creation
atomic MAN
what I am stating is that we must bow before a conscious Nature
and preserve Her essence
while we do our best to cultivate Eden

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