Saturday, March 05, 2011

Gadafi's Libya

Been listening to Gadafi's son defend his father's rule
against the tide of world condemnation

I liked the sincerity in his young voice and face when he stated
[i]Plan A - Fight for Libya to the death
Plan B - Fight for Libya to the death
Plan C - Fight for Libya to the death[/i]

I know that it takes a ruthless man to try and rule forty tribes
and how difficult it must be to break 40 eggs
and make a national omelet

I stopped by in Libya once 30 years ago
and read Gadafi's little proclamations written by himself
posted in strategic locations all over Tripoli
all urged his nation to unite and do good

just maybe
we are all fundamentally wrong about this Libya uprising

one thing I do know
I admire any man who raises a son to respect him
and is willing
three times over
to take a bullet for him

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