Sunday, April 22, 2012

1980's Decade of Decay

A whole book can be written about this
I'll be brief

Economic Decay
Corporate raiding in the 80's
Political Decay
Deregulation in the 1980's

Spiritual Decay
State Lotteries soured. in the 1980's
Heaven was replaced by winning number
a New breed of yuppie Preachers evangelized to vast well-heeled congregations assuring them that it was okay to be rich
excess was okay
God loved his children
He wanted each and every one of us
to enjoy all the benefits the planet had to offer

by the end of the 80's
with BS coming from all major directions
I had enough
I took my kids out of godless capitalistic indoctrinated consumer centers
and headed for  the desert
since then
watched society and the planet go to hell
in a hand basket

today everybody is a self-righteous pundit
pointing fingers at everybody but themselves

yes buster
I am talking to you

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