Sunday, March 10, 2013


people in general
including friends and relatives
patronize me as an idealist
to which i take a dim view

those who do so
live compromised lives
dictated by social by circumstances
which they believe cannot be altered
they do not realize that they have been indoctrinated from birth
at home
and in state classrooms
throughout their infancy, childhood and teenage
to march to culturally indoctrinated ideologies
either as capitalists
or communists
and by religious doctrines
each firmly believing
as individuals
and as national structures
that they are more intelligent and holy than their neighbors

in that process have had their lives
together with god-given creative potential
severally compromised

billions have been artificially and systematically  brain-washed by their cultures
trained to be obedient workers on the mass production lines
their life efforts
exploited from cradle to grave
by the most opportunistic
and most greedy

thru the grace of god
via divine intervention
over the past 40 years of sustained effort
by practicing right brain training drills and exercises
I have managed to deprogram myself
from those artificial cultural restrictions

my consciousness is now relatively free
I more or less own it
at least as much as a rehabilitated indoctrinee is able
and in that process have uncovered my own creative potential
one eye is opened
and in the kingdom of the blind
a one-eyed man is king

my fiends, relatives and fellow countrymen
i say to all
an ideal life is not only possible
it is also a moral imperative
striving for the ideal is what life is all about
the ideal is always the most practical way to live

the compromised life
is a complicated life
society is left endlessly
cleaning up the mess


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