Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Peasant and the Nobleman

Shamans in the Amazon
can name and individually identify
over a thousand different specie of plants and herbs
and explain their chemical and medicinal qualities

It has taken generations of scientific learning
since the moment Aristotle dissected his first octopus
and began the biological process
of formulating species into families an kingdoms
to arrive once again at the first hand knowledge
previously tabulated by our aboriginal ancestors
albeit in more sophisticated composition

the moral lesson
is that the peasant who farms the estate
and the nobleman who invested generations
climbing the social ladder
in order to arrive as over-seer of the estate
share the same basic intelligence regarding the fruit of the estate
both are blunt and plain spoken
and do not equivocate on basic Truths

in between these two social extremes
is the middle class
busy climbing the ladder
no longer peasant
not yet noble
striving for truths
they believe they have lost
and consequently equivocate


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