Wednesday, March 18, 2009

God, Devil & Freewill


The believer and the skeptic are even. Now, can you deal with that?

I you were a betting man you would know
they are not even
the odds are with the believer
If the skeptic is wrong about God, he loses his bet
If he is right he has no way of collecting his winnings.

MM, if you are really a thinker, a philosopher, then you ought to consider all the possibilities involved in such speculations. God might exist, very well. But he can also be just a projection of our own natures, a product of our imaginative inquiries.

No man can call himself a philosopher
until he has passed through both gates of Heaven and Hell.
He must experience the ecstatic height of eternal life
and horrible abyss of total annihilation
and from that pilgrimage into the self
determine his world view

I take my hat off to the satanist
who would face the putrid puss of the abyss unflinching
but I will not embrace him

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