Friday, March 20, 2009

The Spiritual Imperative

Philosophy is about what everyone can know/learn/experience about the world, religious experiences are strictly personal and have no place in general discourse.

Our world Holy Scriptures are a record of mankind's earliest philosophical discourses
The fact that they were all theologically orientated
should remain of extreme significance to all philosophers
and not be relegated into the bin of primitive superstition.

Millions of reciorded super-natural testaments made in every culture throughout recorded time
provide a vast body of circumstantial evidence
which informs us that subjective meta-normal experiences
shared with the rest of us by those millions of psychics
is an essential aspect of the human condition.

Science observes the finite
by its own admission
it can never crack the light barrier
which leaves us isolated forever
on a tiny planet on the extreme edge of one of trillions of galaxies

So eventually
without the benefit of our intuitive knowledge
that the spirit is infinite
and the continuous validation of that fact by some of us
science would inevitably lead us all into a state of collective boredom
and mass suicide

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