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A Brief Evolution of Human Conscious

Brief Outline of Psyche-Genetic Theory
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The evolution of human consciousness is an on-going cycle that has, what I believe, a definable beginning and end. Though we have the power to cut it short in mid-cycle, that in itself is a moot point. The drive to complete the cycle is a natural phenomena. It is not us who want to perpetuate life (at least until end cycle) it is Nature Herself.

I have tried to create a reasonable theory on how our evolutionary cycle works. The Psyche-Genetic theory is more lengthy, but here is a brief outline

Circa 2.5 million BC. - Hominid has an epiphany 

sees the self as separate from Nature.
Self-reflective Human consciousness begins  
Stone Age starts. 
Sharing ethic in family groups of hunter/gatherers makes human consciousness expand beyond primate selfishness.  
Spirituality - Animism: an intuitive sense that Nature is consciously aware of trespass.  
Dynamics of hunting and gathering, using stone tools, weapons, traps, snares etc. lays foundations of our engineering and technological expertise in torque, tension, velocity, parabolic trajectories etc,. 
Time and space remain relative. 
Consciousness remains locked in the here and now of daily survival. 
Success as hunters allows family groups to colonizes and populate all available territories across Africa, Europa and Asia
Stone Age ends
Circa 20,000 B.C. Bronze Age starts.in Fertile Crescent.

Agriculture becomes a survival imperative. Spiritual Animism morphs into Shamanism - only a small percent remain intuitively Clair-sentient
Domesticating nature via cooperation in extended family groups (oral-based totemic clan structures) increases emotional, social and mental intelligence. 
Chore-based work ethic is seated in consciousness. 
The need to  protect herds and flocks from lion prides institutes initiation lodges where circumcision guilds promote the ethic of courage.  
Perception of Time and Space now expanded to assess length of seasons. 
Eventually farm-division becomes uneconomical, over-crowding leads to endless clan feuds - ending eventually in outright war. 
Ruthless warlords unite clans into proton-nations. Bronze Age ends
Circa 4,000 B.C Iron Age begins. 

Oral-based administration no longer able to govern larger national territories and keep clans unified. Totemic ancestral worship with each clan claiming independent Divine origins needs to be crushed. Invention of orthodox Religious Scripture becomes survival imperative. 
National effort now focused on development of industrial craftsmanship. Masons, metal smiths, weavers, cobblers etc occupy bulk of people. Conscientious craftsmanship is sustained by rigid religious belief systems 
Missionaries start teaching populations to be literate. Religion finances huge public works - from pyramids to cathedrals. 
Kings rule by Divine appointment, their authority is sustained by the Church. 
Time and space now measured by minute and hour, inch, foot and yard. 
Eventually national over-crowding leads to imperial colonization. 
Expansion of analytical intelligence via mastery of literature leads to increasing science-based Protest against Religious dogma. 
Iron Age ends.

500. B.C. Steel Age of scientific determinism and religious protest begins when Aristotle announces that only the physical sense can define the meaning and purpose of existence. 

Galileo, Newton and Darwin bring an end to religious domination. 
Colonization extends new technologies and scientifically developed consciousness to include all areas of the world. 
Divine right of royalty challenged. 
Rebellious republics formed.. 
Time and Space now measured in microscopic and macroscopic dimensions. 
International competition for world dominance heralds future World Wars. 
Steel Age ends.

1900 A.D. Nuclear Age begins

Theory and its threat of species extinction via WMD's introduces New Age of thought. Globalization is now at forefront of consciousness. Sub-atomic physicists now deeply into metaphysics.
Time and Space once again seen as relative

Future Evolution of Consciousness

6th Shift of Mass Consciousness -- Space, Terra Forming,

7th Shift of Mass Consciousness 

Physical Evolutionary Cycle ends.
Consciousness unified with Cosmic Principle
Man assumes supernatural capabilities
Consciousness is unlimited by artifical constructs of Time and Space 

The Psyche Genetic Theory
argues that all this survival knowledge
past, present and future
is imprinted in the DNA of every new born infant
that we are not empty vessels
needing to stuffed with text book indoctrination
but latent geniuses
needing parental love and are
to bring it to he foreground of consciousness

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