Thursday, February 14, 2013

Schizophrenic Delusions of the Bicameral Mind

Social & Spiritual Development
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There are two fundamental ideological misconceptions
in the evaluation of social status and spiritual revelation

Unreality Check
The idea that the accumulation and ownership of private wealth and property
is a normal healthy social attitude
The idea that a sincere attempt at religious discipline 

will bring self-realization and personal salvation

Both of these concepts are confounded
by the delusion that consciousness can be divided
into physical and metaphysical components
a false conviction that we can live separate secular
and religious lives
an insistence
that church and state
religion and science
must and should be separate divisions

In effect we are trying to divide
the intuitive inspirations of the right brain
from the analytical evaluations and technological applications
of the left brain

dividing the brain into two unrelated components
creates is a form of individual schizophrenia

dividing the individual from the collective
creates a form of mass schizophrenia

such madness
if continued unchecked
will eventually drive us to species extinction

Reality Check
Matter is a visible manifestation
of invisible consciousness
one without the other is impossible
life without a guiding spirit
is a zombi

The left brain is left with nothing to analyze
unless it is inspired by a creative transmission from the right brain

Matter and spirit
body and soul
are one and the same

private wealth is an expression of collective effort
the personal self cannot be realized independently
of the Cosmic Self

Person and society
church and state
science and religion
man and god
are all
one and the same

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