Friday, February 22, 2013

The New Man

After listening for several weeks to the Englishman Pierce Morgan's
impassioned nightly crusade against assault weapons
and finding it easy to grasp his civilized rationale
underlying his European attitude
i could not help but be struck
by how and why
he finds it so difficult to grasp our Western American view
and perhaps be unable to ever grasp it

if we go along with Darwin's theory of Natural Selection
and add to it the Psyche-Genetic premise
which argues that our DNA
is not only imprinted with our parents physical attributes
but also with 100,000 generations of ancestral survival experience
then there is a reason why our European cousin
does not understand our gun attitude
while we easily understand his

it is all to do with some 10 and more generations
of ancestral pioneering spirit
and the DNA imprint of our colonization experience
while establishing new civilizations in unsettled regions of the globe

Colonization is a natural imperative
an impulse to move
that comes from feelings of over-crowding an existing environment

pulling stakes out of an existing European civilization
and trusting in ones own  strength of character and innovative powers
to start again from scratch in the wilderness of the American west
required a process of natural selection
a special type of pioneering spirit was needed

by taking chances in the wilderness
Nature started a new brand
of more adventurous
and more resilient human colonizers
one's that could put a man on the moon
long before Europe did

one that Nature will use in the future
to colonize new worlds

what Pierce does not grasp
is that we are a new kind of human
a new civilization
one that is still maturing
still pioneering new thought
new attitudes
new ideas
one that still relies on how to use a gun
as it explores new frontiers
one that is not set in its ways
like elder Europe

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