Monday, April 13, 2009


MM I always bow to local knowledge, but if you are saying that an aura coming from the disrupted body area of a patient is satnaved to the witchdoctors aura perceptive brain, thats less than likely. Natural healers have the rare ability to read the skin, the eyes. the tongue, and the body's language and predict or diagnose previously undetected internal problems. But that is all it is, a trained eye.

I am sure a trained eye helps
but if you are suggesting we cannot sense (empathize) somebody's unease (or disease)
without some form of physical distress signal
then you are summarily dismissing millions of extra-sensory testaments
by mystics, saints and who-ever over the ages
as delusions or outright lies
basically because we do not have the technology
that can prove otherwise

Who is to know if long-range high frequency emotional signals
are not possible?

I can testify to powerful surges of compassionate understanding
being transmitted into my body
by rays of sunlight

The need for reassurance?
Why would I choose such an ancient Egyptian/Mayan way to fool myself?
Why not simply conjure up a more current
loving image of Jesus Christ himself?
Or an alien abduction?
Who really knows what is happening?
How do you know if this life is not simply a dream?
What is consciousness anyway?
How did it originate?
Why did it?

Surely this is what both the physicist and the metaphysicist is searching for

One of the shamans I worked with claimed that he could feel the pain of patients
long before even seeing them
on one occasion he was hospitalized himself
three days before the actual patient arrived

A universe of atomic radiations surround us
at this moment in our evolution
we all have the freewill
to believe or not to believe
that every atom may or may not radiate consciousness
and we all may or may not be receiving an endless stream of signals
from its farthermost reaches
most of it yet to be decoded

I choose to believe
from personal experience
And even if am being delusional
that in itself is a super-natural phenomenon (or unnatural if you prefer)
that I am entitled to and should investigate
among others who are experiencing the same phenomenon
and you do not have the right
until you do so yourself
to be derogatory about our testimonies

In fact
until proved otherwise
you have the obligation to trust a neighbor's word
even though you yourself do not believe

So the question arises
since it is more than probable that a future spectrometer
might be invented that can measure frequencies
currently beyond mechanical detection
why not keep an open mind in the meantime?

Why skof?
What interference are metaphysician's esoteric investigations into ESP
doing to hinder science's own exoteric investigations
into the mysteries of atomic radiation?

Right at this moment my body
a mass of associated atomic particles
is emitting intense radiations out into the space around me
who is to say
how far
or through what medium
or what information is contained in my particular frequency
and who might or might not be sensitive enough
to tune into my vibration
and feel my pain?

What is the source of your skepticism?
Is that not your own form insecurity at work?

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