Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quantum Metaphysics

You may have heard about how observing particles made them behave differently than when they were not. This video gives a better understanding to that concept.

So how can we explain what is happening?

How can consciousness affect the behavior
of an supposedly unconscious electron?
That is physically impossible
So what is the answer?

The metaphysical response is:
All atoms are conscious

Let us accept that the electron particle shot out the barrel of the gun
is a microscopic piece of self-determined consciousness
as it travels towards the target
it becomes exponentially aware of the macro cosmic entirety of consciousness
and in the process its self-determined purpose
is dispersed into a wave of interfacing emotions

Now we add the observer

The wave of dispersed emotions
realizes that the observer and itself are one
refocuses on its original intent
and behaves once more '
like a self-determined piece of consciousness

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