Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Internet Fascism - Banning Freedom of Thought

Over the past four years I have signed up a member on eight philosophical forums for the purpose of discussing novel ideas regarding the evolution of human behavior.

I did so in the hope of finding a receptive audience interested in the presentation of solutions to a host of social dysfunctions that have resulted from over-population and environmental over-load.

To me it has been obvious that a mass change of consciousness is required in order for all of us to adjust to a new global paradigm.

Instead of the open-minded interest in the radical nature of the mass change required that I have out-lined and the nature of the new consciousness required to meet the new demands of the 21st Century, I have been met with a universal storm of protest and rejection.

Continued argument by myself, painstakingly laying out the causes of our dysfunctional behavior, while expanding on the reasons for change, has resulted in out-right banning on four of the eight forums,

The doors there
to new thought
have been shut tight.
and threats of rejection remain on the others.

My conclusion:
People would rather the devil they know
than embrace the unknown.

New thought is not wanted
Banned without recourse
which is a new form of internet fascism

That bodes ill for our future.


MetalMilitia said...

What this ass clown Doesn't tell you is that he posted links to a site with porn directly viewable upon the page opening.

MetalMilitia said...

What, no comment on that?

After month of representing an illegal idea - on a pg13+ site, you ran out of arguments and posted links to sites with porn on them? Is that no the real reason you got your ass booted?

I'd like to see where you were "right" for posting to adult sites (with porn directly viewable) with your links. Not to mention this ass clown doesn't even acknowledge individual forums rules - which have nothing to do with neither "banning free thought" or "fascism" - You linked to porn sites, you fucked up. Love to hear your response about that.... eh? You sign up for forums, and it has nothing to do with US/international laws of any kind. You agreed NOT to post link to porn yet did.... odd is it not? My site is 13+ - and doesn't allow porn linking of any kind. So when you posted that, would you care to admit you crossed the line?

I'm the owner, I would likely know.... Care to dispute this among the other commentators here?

Oh wait, there aren't any. Nice site with 0 readers ya got following ya, backbone core and structure are solid.

Must be one hell of an important message you represent, and a strong readership. Warning to all other webmasters, if this guy shows up - ban him. You insulted my site, myself, my staff, and you posted porn links.

ROFL. Bye man. GTFO!

-The real MM-