Sunday, October 14, 2012

Education vs Indoctrination

Forcing children from the age of four or five
both in state school and at home
to sit behind a desk and train the left side of the brain
to memorize textbooks for five or six hours a day
for twelve years and more
is not only physically, emotionally and mentally unhealthy in the extreme
it ends up as nothing more or less
than a system of cultural indoctrination
it is not education by any pure means of definition

if you leave out the psychological balance
that can only come form an equal concentration on left and right brain exercises
you can turn any half-witted kid into an idealistic fanatic via premature script indoctrination
whether it be religious. communistic or capitalistic
they can be easily pursueded to go to war - holy or otherwise
with anybody who disagrees with their brand of brain wash

28 years ago
I threw out the doctrinaire left brain textbooks
and home schooled both sides of my eight kids brains
via oral-based instruction up until puberty
they learned a chore-based work-ethic in the home
chemistry in the kitchen
maths and craftsmanship in the workshop
biology in the garden
the physics of torque, trajectory and velocity in the playground
social studies via charitable community projects and Television
yoga and meditation drills and exercises every morning

at puberty they got one week instruction in kindergarten reading/riting/rithmatic
and where then left to master the state's academic textbooks themselves
within three months their prose skills
uninhibited by premature instruction in the mechanics of grammar
enriched by a vast oral vocabulary
were astonishingly lucid
they relished the power script composition gave them over time/space, plot and character development
like young gods of their own creation
each wrote a full length science fiction novel within the first year
they swarmed the internet for science information
at age 16 all of them took final year high school state exams
and passed among the top 3% in the nation

they are all self-educated graduates
trained to think things out for themselves
impossible to be coerced by any scripted doctrine
to digress from plain common sense

I am busy writing the HeartStart Dual Brain Home-school manual as we speak
any parent interested is welcome to contact me

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