Friday, October 26, 2012

Internet Dating

If you factor in premature loss of a soul mate
accidental death
physical sickness
and divorce
more than 70% of adults in various stages of maturity
are left to either find a new soul mate
or go through the rest of life without a loving witness

finding a compatible mate when the bloom and fun of youth are gone
and adjusting to the crankiness of set habits of a matured partner
is no simple thing
despite the obstacles it remains an emotional need  for most of us

besides sharing the enjoyment of a matching soul in the ups and downs of life
there also are many moral dilemmas that can seriously impact one's peace of mind
a lot are not easy to solve without the input of a tried and trusted consulting partner

in a previous era of small towns
when social relationships were more familiarly connected
and everybody knew everybody
and congregated in churches
in the market
and at party function
making a connection  after the loss of a spouse
and meeting a reasonably compatible new partner
was simply a process of time and circumstance

in the migratory society of large cities
with few familiar connections
dating on the internet  has become a billion dollar business
there are literally hundreds of dating sites
finding a partner in virtual reality presents a whole new dimension
in the ancient process of mate selection
not made easier by the fact that a large percent of the members
are predatory scammers.

It would be interesting to hear some comments on this
especially from anybody who has navigated thru cyber space
and made a successful landing on the other side

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