Monday, October 22, 2012

Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha

As a naturalized American citizen for 32 years
I have always observed American government
as a fluctuating dynamic between masculine and feminine principles

Republican Uncle Sams
and Democratic Aunt Samanthas
the former jingoistic and capitalistic
the latter more compassionate and socialistic

over the years this marriage between the two parties has become increasingly acerbic
its Congress divided on partisan lines and unaccommodating
as a result the American home and child has suffered from neglect accordingly
domestic up-keep is crumbling
the children play video games
and the world is waiting for leadership
it seems the good ol' USA is headed for a nasty divorce
unless compromise is reached

A good marriage must incorporate both dynamics
Aunt Samantha should take over the housekeeping money
and run the domestic policy
Uncle Sam should take care of the borders
protecting international policy

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