Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home School - 10 Good Reasons

There are five basic reasons why 98% of the parents in the nation 
believe it is not their duty  to home school their children.

1..It is not the custom and therefore not expected.
2. Do not have the academic qualifications.
3. Home schooling inhibits socialization skills
4. Cannot economically afford to do so
5. Their own school experience instilled distaste for both learning and teaching

There are 10 reasons why 100% of all parents should home school their children.

1. The essence of excellent performance in life, lies in heartfelt motivation 
   and there is no other teacher on the planet more qualified, more caring 
   or more able to evoke the natural learning impulse embedded in the psyche 
   of all living creatures.
2. Prematurely forcing a growing child to sit immobile behind a desk inside a 
   classroom for six to hours a day for twelve years and more is physically 
   unhealthy, emotionally frustrating and mentally stupefying – 
   the net reason why only 1% excel; 40% drop out; the rest are mediocre;    
   countless thousands cheat at examinations
3. No child is born as an empty vessel – our DNA is imprinted with 3 billion years 
   of ancestral survival smarts.
4. Caring parents require only  basic 1st grade primary school knowledge in reading, 
   writing and arithmetic in order, at the right moment in their development, 
   to kick-start the self-learning, self-policing impulse in their children 
5. We now have the internet to supply home-school students with ready access to 
   the accumulated knowledge of  every subject known to mankind.
6. If 100% of families in every neighborhood engaged in home-schooling the problems
   of socializing skills during playtime and the State transferring the $500 
   billion education budget to parent teachers solve themselves.
7. Children working in the home, garden and workshop help to improve the value of the
   nation's family estates.
8. Taking both parents off the job market puts an end to unemployment and adulterous
   office romances – reducing the divorce rate to near zero.
9. Evoking the moral ethic of excellence in all children, puts an end to crime
10.100% of all students excel at exams and take further professional training in 
   a university ora polytech. 

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