Thursday, January 31, 2013

Playing Golf in Heven nd in Hell

According to the ancient Hindu Vedas
the black stone tablets of the Akashic Records
stand at the entrance to the Astral Dimension

inscribed on them are our names
with all the merits and demerits
each of us have earned during our various lives

Heaven is the time we spend enjoying the fruits of our merits
Hell is the time we spend suffering for our mistakes

exactly what the enjoyments of heaven
or the pains of hell are
is a matter for our imaginations

since the only consistent love in my life
for the past fifty years
always loyal
always available
never unfaithful
which has gradually trained me to never cheat on a lie
claim a freebie more than three feet
or fake my score card
has been the game of golf

i imagine hell as years of golf
in which every lie is in the rough
or a bunker
every shot a duff
very putt is a lip-out
every score is over a 100

in heaven
i hit monster drives down the middle
100% greens in regulation
sink fifty foot putts
break 60 every game
and shoot aces on demand

at the end of every game
waiting at the 19th hole
is a sweet young thing
willing to buy me a drink

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