Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Origins of Consciousness in the break down of the Bicameral mind

Julian Jaynes
got it wrong
I do not think the two sides of the brain function the way he suggests
his work in my opinion is not just a waste of time
it is also chronically misleading
especially as regards the conscious origins of a Divine Mind

as i see it
the fundamental reasons for the creation of two sides to the evolving brain
was firstly
in order to deal with disturbing different perceptions
of day and night consciousness

to provide a dual medium of internal communication within the individual psyche
allowing it to engage in a creative process
of right brain image projection
and left brain intellectual analysis
in the business of survival.

the concept of a dual dialogue
lead eventually to a sense of Self
separate from the rest of Nature

the sense of a separate self
surviving via the fortunes of the hunt
during the Stone Age
lead to a spiritual reverence of non-trespass
on Natural Law
leading on from there
into the weather-regulated agricultural Bronze Age
sacrifices and prayerful supplications
to the goodwill of the Gods of the Sky
Day consciousness functions primarily through the left brain analysis
of sight input
assisted by further input from the other four senses
determining - food/danger - friend/foe - fight/flight

Night consciousness
devoid of reassuring sight input
only able to fearfully hear and smell the sounds and scents
of unfamiliar night predators lurking in the dark
functions primarily via right brain image improvisation projections

these twin primitive primate communication mechanisms
in the evolving cortex
with the right brain transmitting an infinite variety of phantom projections
for analysis in the left brain
assisted in the evolution of larger cerebral storage capacities
allowing for an increase in creative ideation
as increasingly sophisticated right brain image projections
consequently initiated more complex requirements for left brain analysis

this gradual evolution of creative thinking
via dual brain communication
has lead to our specie's history
of increasingly more efficient technological applications
in the business of survival

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