Sunday, January 20, 2013

Population Control

With regard to survival of the fittest
the physical challenge of this moment in Time
amidst the glut of modern life
is to choose between a healthy diet and plenty of exercise
or simply cave and indulge

those that do not rise to the fitness challenge
will pass on their fat/lazy genes on to their next generation
and thus
via exponential degeneracy
head towards impotence of vitality
and eventual extinction

in terms of the evolution of fitness of consciousness
with the eventual  goal of Cosmic Enlightenment
the psychological challenge of the moment
midst the increasing insecurities of modern existence
the challenge is harder to meet and over-come

the basic cause of modern insecurity
is infantile and childhood neglect
has come about
due to modern economic pressures
that prematurely force parents out of the home
onto the mass production lines
leaving their children in the care of others
at increasingly younger ages
before they have  a chance to become self-reliant

five generations after this challenge first arose
almost all of moderns are now insecure
to some degree or another

those of us that are unable to rise
to meet the evolutionary challenge of mass insecurity
and find the security of self-reliance within their own psyche
and instead
run around looking for attention  from others
including governments
who are just as insecure
or fall back on primitive religious hopes
will pass on their emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions
to the next generations
and thus
via exponential degeneracy
head towards impotence of emotional stability
intellectual ennui
spiritual despair
and eventual extinction

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