Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dual Brain Imperative

Objective knowledge provides us with powerful instruments for the achievement of material ends, but the ultimate goal itself and the longing to reach it must come from another source.

Albert Einstein

The Industrial Revolution put an abrupt end to over two hundred generations 
of conscientious craftsmanship.  Mass machined manufactured goods replaced the art 
of hand-made goods. That collective occupational move, away from generations of 
traditional home-based occupations to the factory floor and  the corporate tower, 
changed everything.  It changed the way the two sides of the brain worked; 
Which then changed human nature: Which changed family values; Which changed social 
ethics.  First the father, then the mother, was taken from the home and the kids 
were herded into state classrooms.

Where once both the intuitive and analytical sides of the cerebral cortex was 
balanced by the artistic expression and applied mechanics of craft-based occupations,
almost all training became mechanically concentrated on left brain exercises; 
both in the child classroom and on the factory floor. The creative impulses of the 
right brain was left to fend for itself.  

The narrowing of consciousness from the extroverted dimension of infinite artistic 
expressions and the social appreciation that came from it, to the finite world of 
machined conformity, resulted in an introverted emphasis of self-determined 
appreciation and self-centered ambitions. The brain, wired for a wider appreciation
of cosmic awareness, was now being short-circuited and channeled down into a 
ceaseless cycle of analytical self examination.. We will discuss later, the 
evolutionary force that made left brain concentration a developmental imperative. 

In the meantime, over the next three centuries,  as the left brain waxed all 
powerful, right brain intuitive connections with the cosmos waned. Eventually, 
God was thrown out of the classroom. 
The removal of the parents from the home eroded family values.  Mixing of the 
genders on the factory floor and office, led to promiscuity, marital deceit and 
divorce.  The breakdown of the primal social unit, has led to an increasingly 
 heavily policed and society, divided by its own subliminal sense of parental 
guilt. System crash looms.  An evolutionary cycle has ended. 
A return to a dual brain system is necessary

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