Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Social Economics

It is estimated that it costs a family $300,000 to raise a kid to age 21
one would think that such an investment in time and money
should be reinvested in the family fortune
and create a nation of wealthy family estates
but instead
kids are encouraged to get out of the home
and gamble with their family inheritance on the open market

the odds of them hitting it rich
on the mass production lines
are millions to one
all their work and effort
ends up supporting a few families already at the top of the social pile

yet our kids
like lemmings
tumble over themselves to follow this social fallacy
and spend their lives like the three dumb monkeys
they see no wisdom
hear no wisdom
learn no wisdom
the few pathetic personal experiences they have in life
are repeated ad in finitum
and boil down to nothing substantial
all there hopes and dreams gradually fade to nothing
their failed prodigal gamble
finally focused on winning a state lottery

they die materially and spiritually impoverished
their marriages divorced and homes broken
living in a nation of rickety trailer homes
going steadily downhill into bankruptcy

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