Wednesday, April 17, 2013

HeartStart Home School Program

Every birth is a merging of thousands of generations of paternal and maternal lines of ancestral experience
each new born is a permutation of the immediate parent's genes
with both male and female personality attributes
the merging of the two sets of genes produces a unique new personality
the DNA of every infant is imprinted with 100,000 generations of ancestral behavioral experience

Male children are genetically and emotionally more predisposed
to exhibit aspects of their father's personality traits
the reverse is generally true of females

Balanced parental genes produce a balanced number of heterosexual male and female offspring
dominant male genes will mostly conceive male offspring - a female child is likely to have masculine tendencies
the reverse it true with dominant female genes their sons are predisposed to be feminine

In seeking the best possible match during mate selection
with each prospective mate working from a sound base of opposing astrological polarities
it is necessary to exchange intimate family behavioral details
that were in place during one's vital stages of growth
from birth
through infant
and teen development
and then measure them against ideal standards of behavioral development

Ideal Standards

Infancy 0 - 7 years of age

A carefully planned pregnancy in a secure home environment
home birth essential unless there is an emergency

The birth environment is indelibly imprinted in memory
in addition, all five senses are highly impressive
antiseptic hospital births under bright light surrounded by masked strangers
unceremoniously pricked for blood, poked and weighed
is embedded in the psyche
and can resurface as trauma in later adult consciousness
often mistaken for an alien abduction
Weaning process - 0 - 3 years  Intuitive right brain development
breastfed for three years - perefct for strengthening immune system
and vital mother/child bonding
permanent body contact with mother until weaned
no unnatural competition for affection from another sibling
ideal to space pregnancies every three years
five or more siblings with thee year peer group spacing is ideal for social development
just enough physical and psychological development between each sibling
to establish a natural mutual benefit hierarchical system

Post Weaning 4- 7 years - Left brain analytical awakening
Ego emmerges
Infant starts referring to the self in the 1st person
Sharing Ethic
the ego is necessary for social development
parents and older siblings must evoke the ancestrally imprinted sharing ethicthe sharing ethic is the base of all future intelligence
it is what separates humans from apes
learning to be mindful of the needs of others
creates an attentive psyche
it took mankind 100,000 generations
99% of it in the stone age family group of hunter/gatherers
to permanently seat the sharing ethic in the human psyche
reminding the 3 year-old of the sharing ethic
is best done via the conception of a new sibling
during the 9 months of pregnancy
engage the expectations of a new playmate
continuous interaction with the fetus
as soon as it begins to kick in the womb
evokes lasting and genuine sibling affection
Intuitive right brain spiritual consciousness
working in conjunction with left brain analysis
of the Natural Law of Cause and Effect
helps with the development and focusing of the budding ego
producing self-policed ethical behavior by age 7

all children are super-naturally clairsentient
evocation of our extra-sensory perception
via nightly fairy tales
where good, kind and generous heroes and heroines
engaged in battle with the forces of evil
help to supplicate and seat a kindly social attitude

the debilitating effects of victimization
via hurts and bruises during play
can be avoided by careful explanations
of Mother Nature's moral warning of non-trespass
which is guarded by the Law of Cause and Effect
the infant soon learns
there are no accidents
nor deliberate harm
every effect has a prior cause
every painful trespass had a prior warning to be careful
an if not obeyed
rightly punished it is amazing how early childish tears vanish
by the seventh year the sharing ethic should be fully evoked

childhood  7 - 14 years

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