Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Oscillating Universe

To be - An Oscillating Universe!

The Big Bang theory seen as the Universal birth
is generally accepted as a given

Theories of the galaxies gradually dying of fuel starvation
via endless expansion in the Big Chill
or dying statically in Goldilocks
is on hold
while the search for Dark Matter continues.

Though Dark Matter cannot be "seen"
its presence is undeniable
its effect is astronomical

we now know that the speed of the expansion of the Universe
via primal explosion of the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago
is not slowing down
it is in fact accelerating!!

it is impossible to fire a bullet from a gun
and expect the muzzle velocity to keep increasing!
some other force has to be adding the extra speed

and so we are forced to entertain the idea
that some invisible presence of Dark Energy and Dark Matter exists
and here we remain stuck

what that force can be no one knows

a neutrino is the smallest particle discovered
it can pass through a mile of solid lead
and never collide with another particle

Dark Matter has to be even smaller
a decade of intensive experiments
at a cost of billions of dollars
by teams of top astrophysicists and particle physicists
leaves us still groping in the dark

10 years ago I intuitively proposed the idea that the force of emotion
is missing from the atomic equation
it was laughed off
the idea that consciousness could have an effect on the orbits of massive galaxies
was simply ridiculous
my input was dismissed as New Age pseudo-science

all forms of dogma are insidious

intuitive religious dogma once dismissed science analysis as heresy
now analytical science dogma dismisses intuitive inspiration as heresy

we know that massive galaxies are make up of atoms
and we know from quantum mechanics
that atoms can behave like particles of matter
or like invisible waves of energy
in effect
galaxies are not simply masses of matter - subject to laws of physics
they are also centers of  radiant energy - subject to laws of metaphysics

and since consciousness exists
and could not have materialized out of a vacuum
it has to have its origins in atomic radiation
and therefore has got to be an essential aspect of the nuclear equation
whether science dogma agrees to it or not

emotion exists in the universe
it has undeniable effect on motion
the ecology of an entire planet has been altered by it
it is building rockets to explore the stars
it all stems from atomic radiation
so how can it simply be dismissed

for example
if the emotional output of one person
can effect the equilibrium of another person
and make that person change direction
(who is basically an association of elementary atoms)
a universe comprised of 90% of  invisible emotion
can surely effect the energetic direction of 10% of the visible universe

if Dark Matter is indeed emotive Consciousness
as I am proposing
what then is the essence of that emotive Cosmic Conscious force
how and why does it effect the eerie acceleration of all the billions of galaxies?

The essence of Atomic Consciousness
is the inherent dynamic
of the repulsive negative polarity
by the charismatic attraction of the positive pole

The Big Bang
repulsed and expelled the universal singularity
in an outward direction
away from the negative pole

the entire universe is now emotively attracted
and accelerating towards to its charismatic positive pole
where it will form a new singularity
loaded with its latest  harvest of emotional experience
immeasurably enriched by 20 billion years of evolutionary experience

That newly enriched  singularity
will then explode into another Big Bang
into a new dimension of cosmic experience

and so the Universe will oscillate
outwards and inwards
from new Big Bang to new Big Crunch
gaining emotive frequency with each oscillation
and go on oscillating ecstatically eternally

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