Sunday, September 09, 2012

Affetionate Emotional Plegia - AEP

AEP is an unknown, insidious, invisible, crippling infection
of both the mind and the heart
and as such is easily the most dangerous illness
any specie on the planet has ever faced
and is doubtful whether it can ever be over-come

I first discovered it in myself thirty five years ago
and have worked for the past three decades
to try and understand it
and not infect my children unduly with my illness

Modern societies in which both parents
have been politically and religiously indoctrinated since childhood
and are involved most of each day
with the artificial pressures of survival on mass production lines
have little or no conscious realization of the extent
and the effect on individual behavior caused by
a growing epidemic of Affectionate Emotional Paralysis
which is rapidly become pandemic throughout the whole world

as to whether any logical explanation
can bring general understanding of the disease
eventually bring a halt to it
and stop infecting future generations
is a  moot point

I have only succeeded with my kids to a limited extent

The reason for our collective ignorance
is that AEP infects us virtually from the first birth moment
and continues to further its crippling effect in most cases
throughout the weaning period

Since none of us have clear memories of the first three years of life
we have no conceptual realization that the majority of us
are infected with AEP to some extent

Our rational explanations for
the increases in war, jihads. violent crime, sexual abuse, divorce,
and all forms of discrimination miss the mark
those mass dysfunctions in human behavior
are in fact indicators that far too many of us are infected with AEP
to an extreme extent

Ever since the Industrial Revolution gradually removed both parents
from the home and the day to day up-bringing of their own children
the epidemic of AEP has got progressively worse.

There is no cure for the crippling effects of AEP
it is a life-time affliction that severely limits our inter-personal relationships
as well as our full creative potential

Like any other form of physical handicap
only some form of therapeutic accommodation can help
in this case
the crutch has to be psychological

In order for psychiatric therapy to be reasonably effective
we need to have a far clearer understanding than we have at present
of the extreme sensitivity of the birth moment
as well the first three years of infant consciousness

It is a fallacy to believe that infants are born with their senses dulled
in fact every sense is acutely tuned to the finest nuances of
sight, sound, touch, taste and odor
thus the environment of the birth moment should be as natural as possible

(I have suggested previously that traumas in later life
experienced as alien abductions
which now number some 7 million episodes per year
could well be, in fact, birth flashbacks related to the vastly increased practice
of unnatural hospital deliveries.)

What is not generally accepted
is that infantile emotion
both spiritually and emotionally
is hyper-sensitive to loving affection

new born babies are programmed to bond immediately with the mother
who would herself respond to an imprinted natural impulse
and want smother the new born with affection
this bonding process is indelibly reinforced during breast feeding
via subtle exchanges of loving eye-to-eye communication between mother and infant

Continuous acts of affection while feeding, cleaning and playing with the baby
during the first three years
before the weaning process kicks in are vital

Affection must be expressed by everybody
in close contact with the baby
3 year sibling spacing helps to ensure
it gets primary attention

A crying baby is a traumatized baby
no ifs ands or buts about that fact
babies who cry in the wild attract predators

babies born naturally
breast fed, loved, always in contact with mother
and handled with care and patience at all times
never have reason to cry

if the mother was traumatized by a hospital birth herself
and did not bond immediately with her own mother
and/or subsequently suffered any further degree of infantile neglect
she will be emotionally incapable of demonstrating genuine affection

the downward cycle can then become vicious
leads to impatience
leads to chronic neglect
the cry reflex kicks in
with leads to infantile manipulation
which leads to anger
and finally outright physical abuse

all of which is carried forward
infecting the next generation
and so on
to the present

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