Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seven Stages of Revolutionary Activism

I have been involved in environmental and political activism
for 45 years

My career began as environmental revolutionary in 1966
soon after i went into business for myself
Deeply influenced by books on animal behavior
especially those written by Eugene Marais,
I made a wild life documentary film in the African bushveld.

Produced just six years after Rachel Carson wrote "Silent Spring"
who pointed out the devastating effects of DDT
and thus began the environmental movement
my production "Motsumi" was one of the earliest feature-length wild life films
(if not the first) eventually distributed world-wide as "Hunters of the Wild"
to bring attention to our responsibilities as custodians of our wild heritage

My move from wild life activism to the political arena
began while browsing in a book store in Hollywood in 1969
when I came across a shelf full of Communist manifestos
written by Marx, Moa, Lenin. Trotsky etc
I realized (as a child of the Cold War)
i had not read one of these works that had affected the life of the whole world
all these book were banned in South Africa
Tho I could understands why the Apartheid Government did not want blacks
to be influenced by communist manifestos
the banning also kept the whites ignorant of global politics

I felt then my first twinge of anger right then
of being untrusted by my own government
and deliberately excluded from my rights as a free soul

Unable to take them in the plane with me
I had a large crate of those books packed and shipped home
naively not realizing that they would be confiscated and impounded by South African customs as soon as they landed
My first act of rebellion opened a file on myself in the Bureau of State Security BOSS

the rest of my confrontation with BOSS over human rights violations
as a Television producer for the SABC
and then later after self imposed exile
as a producer for the BBC in Hong Kong over Chinese rights
is history already related elsewhere

so here
after 45 years of environmental and political activism
are the 7 Stages of Revolutionary activism as I see it

Stage 1
Become aware that some larger social injustice is being done

Stage 2
Collect evidence

Stage 3
Evoke righteous anger

Stage 4
Feel morally bound to become actively involved

Stage 5
Decide on what action to take
(This is where most people who find themselves involved in violence make a big mistake)
In order to decide on exactly what action to take
the evidence must be CAREFULLY evaluated
one will find that nobody is to blame
perpetrators of injustice and victims alike
are both caught up in a long history of evolutionary events
that are far greater than the sum of the negatives
therefore violence is NEVER an option
no matter how oppressed

Stage 6
Begin creative participation that you hope will lead to correction

Stage 7
Be prepared to be labelled as an unrealistic idealist by friends and relatives
who have yet to begin Stage 1

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