Thursday, September 13, 2012

Islam - Middle Age Crisis

Islam is 800 years younger than Christianity

Today the  Muslim Faithful are where Christians were during the Middle Ages
when the infallibility of the Pope was challenged by Protestant heretics
their rebellious challenge regarding the Divine Appointment of the Papal Succession
was a fundamental  test of Catholic Church Authority 
which saw itself as the spiritual medium between man and God

The denunciation set off a fanatical religious reaction throughout Roman Catholicism
and resulted in a murderous Religious Inquisition that split Western culture in two
allowing Christianity to evolve into the reasonably moderate faith it is today

By denigrating their "Pope" - Mohammed
the same religious history is being repeated in Islam
as this younger faith goes through its own growing pains
their righteous anger at our scorn 
towards the Divinely appointed founder of their Scripture
and violent retaliation
may seem fanatically primitive to us today
but not to Muslims
who are as passionate about their Faith 
and its origins
as we once were
and they have the same historical right to feel as they do
as we once did
The majority of western educated Muslims are reasonably moderate
those in the Middle East are more conservative
Civilizations are defined by their cultures
culture is derived from 'Cult' - formally small religious sects
who, via the moral and intellectual influence of their written Scriptures
achieved national predominance 
and thus defined the character of its people

To insult a major religion
is to insult the entire culture and everything that defines it

If we refuse to learn from the mistakes
encountered during common evolution of our kind
and recognize our similar histories of graduated development
the same mistakes are doomed to repeat

when two major Faiths
involving two billion souls
start a world war
may God help us all

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