Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is God an Invention?

The answer is both no and yes

Animism is a naive intuitive (6th) sense that the Universe is Conscious
in the primitive psyche there is no concept of an actual godhead
everything is sensed as having spirit, stones, bones, grass, trees.....

Animism is the original spiritual state of the Stone Age psyche
we lived then in innocent symbiosis in Mother Nature's Garden
which She jealously protects via the Natural Laws of Cause and Effect
which is based of the territorial imperative of non-trespass
not just of hunting boundaries but also non-invasive personal space

our entire existence during that vast period of human development
depended on the luck of the hunt and intense family cooperation
where we learned through the trials and errors of survival
that good cause (non-trespass) produced good effect
and vise verse
and so we lived as in harmony with an instinctive grasp of the Godhead
as Adam and Eve
innocent and pure in the Witnessing Eye
of a Conscious Universe

so in our Natural Infant State of Consciousness
before we ate of the tree of pseudo-intellectual (childish) argument
if we accept Universal Consciousness as God
then the Spirit of the Godhead has always been real to us
from the very beginning
not an invention

Shamanism replaced Animist during the Bronze Age
Shamanism is partly inspirational and partly analytical

When man was ejected from the Garden and forced to till the soil
all of existence during that period of human development
depended on the luck of the weather
rain, wind, snow, ice, drought were at the whim of the Weather Gods
our natural innocent infant reliance on Mother Nature
had to be replaced by the morality of a sound work ethic
sacrifices and offerings needed to be made to the Weather Gods
gifted psychic mediums were required
to speak to dead ancestors who could then intercede with the Weather Gods
and bring rain

and so God remained real to the Shaman
yet gradually became an invention to the common man

it is upon this prehistoric base
morphing tribal totems
mythological pantheist
and monotheist theologies
that Major Catholic Scriptures evolved
with sectarian Gods favoring this or that society
and so the idea of God
became almost entirely an invention
to be manipulated by men and women who became entirely left brain via endless study of written testaments
entirely lost touch with their intuitive base
and became spiritually corrupt
tickets to heaven were sold to the highest bidder
and is the reason why the Protestant Revolution had to happen
where atheism came into being

the good news is
the wheel of fortune keeps turning
spirituality is making a come-back
hundreds of millions are experiencing Cosmic Consciousness
from both an intuitive and scientific (analytic) perspective
our idea of the Godhead is no longer naive
both sides of our brain are becoming balanced
and respectful towards each other

and so the answer to whether God is an invention
is both yes and no

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