Friday, September 14, 2012

Freedom of Speech

We have the freedom to say anything we like
about our values
but good manners should dictate
that freedom should only be granted

anything said on an international forum
which is detrimental to neighbor nations
isn't only un-Christian
and immoral
is should be made legally libel
and be open to severe punishment

we need to understand the tiger we have let loose
with this video that vilifies Mohammed

our own history should be lesson enough

for a thousand years
it was considered heresy to speak out against the Roman Catholic Church
the punishment was ex-communication and death

our state department and president have condemned the video
but we are forced via the 1st Amendment to forgive the perpetrators
thus we cannot assure the Middle East that they will be punished
but we do insist that they punish the reaction our vile actions have initiated
that is double standards

we remain almost totally ignorant of how seriously we have trespassed
our liberal view on religion could well be the cause a world war

as said before
Islam is a younger orthodox religion
heresy is considered by most as a major crime
they do not share our reformist values
and certainly do not respect
when a Christian pastor burns the Koran
or soldiers have practice target shooting at the Koran
and use it for toilet paper

the latest dirty bomb we have just thrown into their mosque
could be the last straw that breaks the camel's back
it has given the imams immense power

ironic is it not
we have recently helped Muslim nations to rebel against their Dictators
and elect weak democratic leaders
and so now we do not have paid Dictators in our pockets
to keep a muzzle on what the imams say in the mosques

any bets on how their religious leaders
will use the ammunition we have given them?

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