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A Brief History of Religious Belief

Default A Brief History of Religious Belief

The division of society by Creationism and Evolution
will continue while each side holds fast to its position
Worst of all it confuses our children in the classroom.

It is unfair for scientists to hold that civility can be sustained in a society
without an Absolute standard of Goodness as base of judgement
(The collapse of Communism supports that)

It is also unfair for those who believe in God
to enjoy the fruits of science
yet deny its basic empirical tenets.

We all need to realize
that it is not a matter of proving whether god exists or not
it is basically a matter of personal choice

Choosing to Believe
injects the psyche with a profound sense of personal accountability
it forces one to monitor ones own behavior
to strive religiously for improvement
and take responsibility for one's actions

Choosing the latter
allows the psyche to coast
shift blame to another
and allocate correction to a police force

I am well aware that the information presented below
will satisfy neither the scientific purist or the religious fundamentalist
Never the less it is presented as a basis
for an harmonic between Creation and Evolution
Is Consciousness Divine?

The invisible force and emotional influences of Consciousness exists.
All beings are endowed with it at various levels of awareness,
from the lowest to the highest order.
And because all things
from rocks to humans
are constructed of the same base of atomic elements
in various combinations of association,
it is reasonable to accept that atomic radiation
has to be the basic source of Consciousness.

And because this invisible force of Consciousness
distinguishes its self-expression predominantly
via a display of natural order, beauty and symmetry,
juxtaposed against lesser expressions of mutation and ugliness,
it can be reasonably supposed that the Nature of Consciousness,
both organic and inorganic
is fundamentally G(o)od. Divine.

How is Divine Consciousness Expressed?

The Rise of Ego. 2.5 million B.C.

Enough neuron connections in an evolving
hominid’s brain allowed for the dawning
of a dim light of self-reflection.

An ego able to see itself as separate
from the rest of Nature
arose out of the Divine dust of atomic matter.

A divine apeman became divinely human.

Stone Age Animism 2.5 Million B.C. – 20.000 B.C.

Animism is an intuitive sense that Nature has soul,
that Mother Nature will reward the hunt and
will punish trespass.

Bronze Age Shamanism 20,000 B.C - 4000 B.C.

Ancestral totemic worship.
Oral-based superstitious belief
that the clan founder was Divinely born
that ancestral spirits
contacted via sacrificial offerings
with psychically gifted shamans
acting as spiritual mediums
could intercede with the Gods
and bring good weather for crops
and good fortune.

Iron Age Scriptures 4000 B.C. – 500 B.C.

The need for a binding national document that unified
clannish totemic superstitions about Divine origins.
The divinely inspired scriptures gave the Priest caste
the authority to anoint the dynastic rule of a paramount chief ( king).
The Holy Scriptures gave the proletariat the promise of heavenly rewards
as a boon for their civil obedience to the crown.
They encouraged the artistry of conscientious craftsmanship
engaged in the erection of monuments in honor of the Divine.

Study of the scriptures stimulated the intellectual
development of the masses. (Start of classroom education).

(Hindu/Buddhist Sutras, gave the promise of reincarnation )

Steel Age Protestation 500 B.C. – 1900 A.D.

The rise of Aristotelian scientific empiricism
A Protest against the Divine rites of royalty and papal infallibility.
leading to the separation of Church and State.
the assumption of democratic rule
governed by man-written codes of conduct.
The civic promise of private wealth via hard work and industry.
(and lately by gambling on the market or lottery ticket)

Nuclear Age Ontology 19.000 A.D. ---

The rise of Atomic theory and Quantum Mechanics.
An analytical realization that consciousness
has an atomic origin.
An intuitive realization that atomic matter
and consciousness (spiritual energy)
are one and the same.

Extracted from
Psyche Genetics
The Soul of the Atom

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