Friday, November 09, 2012

Self Realization

Each person on the planet today
is an expressions of organic life
that evolved out of our primal cell
which first divided itself into two
three billion years ago

each cell has one hundred trillion atoms
of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, calcium and phosphorous
operating via the dynamic of positive and negative polarities

each body has one hundred trillion of those cells

there is enough nuclear energy compressed in each human body
to light up a city
and more than enough to destroy a city

this vast association of atomic energy
operating independently in every person
provides the organic vehicle for our sense input
which uploads the survival data of life experience into our minds
for intelligent analysis and individual creative ideation
and possible technical application

in effect
each of us is as creatively and destructively complex
as the universe that birthed us
each one a microcosm within the macrocosm
operating under the same atomic principles

our full super-natural potential of explosive atomic energy
has to remain latent
our minds are young
our cosmic ideas are still immature
our specie is still evolving towards full maturity
we are still struggling with comprehension
we are in a teen mode of pseudo-intellectual argument
we have yet to realize exactly who we are
and what we are really capable of

social and spiritual disciplines
have been instinctively and constantly at work
evolving and using reason analytically for survival
ever since our first Stone Age ancestor chipped a flint into a spear point
and wondered why luck played such a mysterious part in the hunt

As it stands now at this point in our evolution
each human being has evolved enough latent mental power
to ignite and fuse atomic energy into a brilliant idea
and explode into creative expression
or destructive mayhem

the ultimate answer is there
waiting for eventual discovery
which can only come
via a social and spiritual union of minds
sharing an identical vision

such energy can only be released when we are certain
within the depths of each individual self
that we will not use it collectively
to destroy our home planet
and put an abrupt end
to three billion years of evolutionary effort

this eventual union of combined human genius
is our evolutionary destiny
this is no longer a supposition
our science investigation has proved
that we all originated out of the same primal cell
which manufactured the first trace of  organic life three billion years ago
thus we all remain
an expression of the consciousness of that Original cell
and have the potential of bringing seven billion individual minds
into a single point of focus
and unite our combined atomic genius
the power of which could effect
or negatively
the future evolution
of our planet
of solar system
of our galactic system
and of the Universal system
which birthed every star

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