Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Broken Familie - Broken Nations - Broken World

Nothing more illustrated the selfishness
and dysfunctional nature of modern societies
than the sheer amount to old folk dumped in nursing homes
to live out the rest of their lives alone
and  the sheer amount of toddlers dumped crying for mama in nurseries
by parents pursuing their own self-serving agendas

using economics as an excuse for un-natural social behavior
only serves to underline the current state of mass dysfunction
and unwillingness to seek more humane solutions

this uncaring attitude to the Nature and meaning of family values
is a disgrace to the human race
and if not stopped forth with
will continue to increase national disunity
an acceleration of  disaffected "terrorists"
and possible all out global warfare

a return to family values as Nature intended
with parents caring for their young
and the young caring for their parents in later life
is the one and only solution
to each and every one of our current
and global problems

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