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A Brief Outline of Cultural Development

Below is a rude argument I had with a fellow on a philosophy forum
about the date of the Bronze Age
I put down the start date as circa = 20.000 BCE
end date 4000 BCE
which totally contradicts conventional history books

those interested in history might find my reasoning illuminating

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The Bronze Age was 3600-300 BCE depending upon what part of the world you pick and writing was quite evident during that period.

Code of Hammurabi was written circa 1750 BCE

I am well aware of the arbitrary dates allocated for the Bronze Age
by unknown historians who did so without rhyme or reason

We have no records of the Bronze Age
simply because there was no need for script during that era of human development
all modern arguments about it are suppositions

except mine

if we are ever to understand and deal with human relations
in a more kindly and comprehensive manner
the bridge date between prehistoric and historic cultures
needs to be more precisely defined

go by the book if you will
the book is dead wrong

our recorded history begins with the first Iron Age scriptures
about 4000 BCE
Sanskrit etc

before that both the prehistoric Stone and Bronzes would be forever a blank
if it were not for the survival of those two formative Ages of the specie
in remote areas of Africa up to 40 years ago
when I began my studies there producing documentary films
on preliterate African cultural practices

My estimates of our species mass conscious graduations
are the result of those years of direct observation

In addition anybody taking the trouble
to read the diaries of the first European missions in pre-colonial Africa
The diaries of Henry Francis Fynn Lt Farewelland Nathanielk Isaacs
are priceless records of Zulu culture before any missionary got hold of them
with Shaka's despotic reign
taking place right on the cusp of a mass change of consciousness
moving 80 from clans from petty feuding
to national union
via total war
all of it witnessed and on record!!

reading those diaries will get you a far better insight into how Bronze Age cultures functioned
than any history book in existence
and i saw some of it myself in East Africa  in 1959

I have been criticized for extrapolating from Africa's Stone and Bronze Age cultures
and wrongly applying them to those prehistoric cultures that once existed elsewhere in the world
anyone with a practical field experience can tell that is pure poppycock

survival in different climate conditions at any time past or present
has always only had a marginal effect on group survival behavior
whether it be hunter families
or clan farm coops

the development of human consciousness
experienced almost identical schooling
throughout all the Ages in all climes

Prior to scripture
all Stone Age cultures throughout the globe practiced hunter/gather survival
techniques via oral-based family cooperatives
with their spirituality intuitively experienced by each individual

All Bronze Age cultures across the globe
practiced identical oral-based clannish farming cooperatives
with the social culture revolving around predatory invasions
with pubertal ceremonies designed to prepare young men as fearless lion fighters
and border protectors
and a trading economy based on bride priced polygamy
with the spirituality administered by shaman psychics

the Iron Age is defined by the federation of feuding clans
via total war
with the enlarged population requiring cohesive government
vial the invention of an orthodox scripture
with the economy extending beyond agriculture
to include industrial craftsmanship

that is my history
and I am sticking to it

That aside, it still is a lot of verbiage saying not much of anything.

you can have it the conventional way if you insist mate
its a free world
in dire need of a dose of common sense

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