Sunday, November 11, 2012

Self Realization - The Door of Natural Perception

at birth
the clear minds of all babies
perceive the flavors of reality in the same way

while the infant mind remains unaffected by reason
all five sense inputs are pure
uncontaminated by cultural influences

they reality 
as is

if infants were all left to run wild as feral children
it would be safe to say
as adults
all individual perceptions of reality would remain the same

cultural indoctrination during childhood
gradually influences our original clear perception of reality

as a result
by adulthood
we each have different artificial perceptions of reality

in this state of mind
no  two people are able to see the world in precisely the same way
one man's taste
has become another mans poison

if one brain has been influenced to embrace the social altruism in communism
another has been influenced by capitalistic competition

if one heart has been cultured to adore Christ
another has been cultured to adore Buddha

one cultivated eye can be transported by a Picasso
and another can see only nonsense

one ear may find the music of Mozart exquisite
and another may find it boring

if reality
when unaffected by cultural influences

is what it is
what then has happened to the nature of reality?
has it been distorted?
or has it been improved by culture?

what is the standard value of cultural perception?
which of the great cultures on the planet
has the most accurate perception on reality?

the one currently with the most powerful army?

with the strongest economy?

if that is true
can one culture force all other cultures
to share its own perception of reality?

will current winners influence reality beneficially 

who is to decide?
natural selection?
jungle law?

if reality has been unnaturally altered
by cultural indoctrination
and we cannot collectively decide
on a set standard of perception

with any universal sense of reality

can an  individual adult mind
be deprogrammed
and again see reality as it naturally is?

and if one mind can be deprogrammed
can the influence of one clear mind
deprogram an entire culture?

is it possible for every culture in the human family
to once again clearly see reality in its natural state?

is that not what the objectivity of science
trying to achieve?

or will the world of social and religious jihads of discrimination
continue to distort reality
and hide unbiased perception
from the minds of everyone

if that is the case
if no two minds can see reality in the same way
then what is the ultimate fate of natural reality?
does it morph into an artificial construct of the indoctrinated mind
a fluctuating illusion
flavored by each individual mind
to suit one's own taste?

and if that is what the fate of reality is
who has the right
to criticize another perception
who decides what is beautiful?
and what is ugly?

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