Saturday, December 08, 2012

Custodianship - New Age Paradigm

When Capitalism and its selfish pursuit of profit
 via private enterprise and private ownership
and the endless waste of policing and legalizing its anti-ethical  ideology
has finally
exhausted all avenues of exploitation
of natural resources and human labor
and arrived at total bankruptcy....

And when Communism
finally realizes that the individual worker
and the collective effort
is motivate by spirit
and not a godless ideology.....

And when Socialism stops stops sitting on the fence
between two extremes
trying to have it both ways

and only then
will the institution of Custodianship
finally have its day
where a New Age  paradigm
of responsible global stewardship
can begin

its Declaration of Cosmic Inter-dependence
will require only two un-written Laws

1. Nobody owns anything
2. Everybody is responsible for everything

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