Friday, December 07, 2012

Is Jesus the Devil?

Twenty years ago
while fighting a court case to keep our ranch
I asked my neighboring Baptist minister
who was teaching Bible study to my kids
for a testimonial to give to the judge
regarding the quality of my estate stewardship

he wrote that i was a good steward
but warned the judge that I was not quite sane
his unstated reason came from an earlier debate with him
in which i had rejected the sole claim to Divinity by Christ
who - to paraphrase - stated
"no man can find heaven except through me"
I argued that god  was conscious in all atoms
not just jesus
that jesus in fact was referring
not to his body
but to his Divine message
of love for neighbor
hatred of whom of course
leads us all eventually to hell on earth

who then was mad
a  minister who believes that the ruler of a hundred billion galaxies
took time off to visit one planet
and comfort his people
via a human manifestation of His presence?

a most beautiful theology
i will freely admit
one which could well be possible
via an the almighty powers of an omniscient God
who did after all
create a perpetual motion universal consciousness
that could operate without His presence
while he took an Earthly sabbatical

what i do think is quite mad
is to believe
that if all others do not get to their knees
and acknowledge that jesus is
the almighty ruler of a hundred billion galaxies
he would fry all of them in hell forever after

what kind of crazy devilish neighborly message
is that?

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