Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Heavenly Nature of Family Values

Belief in God
is Belief in Divine Design
very little  is accidental
twix heven and earth

Spirits take earthly birth
specifically to enjoy and improve
on the existing Creation

this follows
that every birth
is by Design

made between a Spirit
seeking a challenge
to improve God's Estate 
and the Earthly parents
chosen as personal guides

thus family values
are Holy Contracts
between parents and children
blessed in Heaven
and bound on Earth
to teach spirits
how to work as a unit
improving family estates

There are millions of people
who Believe they have a personal relationship with God
yet have lost their extra-sensory perception
of the heavenly nature of family values
and do not teach their children
how to pray together
and thus stay together

they feel it is okay for families to break contract
for each off-spring to go their own way
without obligation to family estate
and allow them to sell their souls
to the highest bidder
and feed off Creation
for private gain

and so it is
that the national estate
gradually falls into ruin
and families fall
into unpaid debts

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