Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Age Creed

I believe in a Universal Consciousness
I kneel before no man-made god
I bow to no craven Image
I do not call on God for my own benefit alone
I remember each day and keep it Holy
I honor my father and my mother
I do not kill and eat without reverence
I do not commit adultery
I do not steal
I do not bear false witness against my neighbor
I do not covet my neighbor’s wealth
I do no business that profits me at the expense of another
I do not accumulate excessive private wealth
I do not despoil the environment
I honor my marriage vows
I uphold family values
I educate my own children

I teach them to be of service to others
I see mankind in service to God - to our planet and to each other

I exalted no one higher than another
I see no owners
I revere custodians
My word is my bond
I place my trust in the integrity of my fellow men
who observe the same values that I do
I am a Global Steward and devoted parent
in training to become a Master Custodian
and a Cosmic  Sage
in Ages yet to come

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